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Ok so lumpectomies are finally scheduled.  I get to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital!  yay me!  Well,really not that big of a deal.  We were not planning on having the whole family together for the holiday anyway.

I hope we can stay down there the night before as for right now I have to be checked in at 6 a.m. Wednesday, Nov.21st in Madison.  This would beat leaving at 3:45 from home anyway.

They will place wires around the tumors – good news is that they do not see tumor where the biopsy was originally taken.  But it was still excruciating having them look for it all last week.  I still hurt!

Then after they wire me then I go back to OR to get sedated. They tell me no gas and no intabation so they better not be lying or it will take me hours to wake up after it all.  They tell me I may need a drain tube on the left side as the area they remove will fill up with fluid.  Bodies way of trying to heal after this.

I will stay over night and leave on thanksgiving if all goes well.

The plan is to have Charley take Adam to school that day and take care of him til we get home the next day.  Thankfully she will be on a fall break from school.  I’d like to have an adult just check in with them if someone can to be sure all is ok.

Then I wait til the next week for the results of the pathology of the tumors to be sure they got clear margins and hopefully no lymph they remove will show positive.

The blue die they inject to see the flow of fluid through the lymph will make me pee blue/green for a day. Neat huh?  Just another fun fact.

If all is good then I am scheduled for a reduction on December 7th and will stay overnight and will most likely have drains to deal with again.  Not sure what time that surgery will be yet.

So I will be out of commission from 21st until after Christmas.  Not that i won’t be helping people with oils when I can just won’t be teaching classes or be out and about much during this time.  Don’t worry you can still find me on facebook.

I will have Tim diffusing onguard while in the hospital and hopefully pre and post op too.  You know the germs that hang around the hospitals lol.

Neoropathy is better but still there all the time.  It is hard to open jars and get a grip on things sometimes.

Hair is finally stopped shedding and just a few strands here and there.  However, I still can only wash it 2x a week in cool water for next month or so yet to be sure I don’t lose more.  At least I am able to cover up the thin spots and look pretty normal.  Ha, normal, not really sure what that is anymore lol.

Madison is really trying to get me connected with help with travel as well as a social worker who can help with other things too.  Makes me feel a little more at ease.

Still feel guilty if I am not working or doing something productive.  I know I shouldn’t but I do.  Sadly I see some other women post in our cancer group that their family tells them to stop the pity party all the time cause it’s not that bad.  Just deal with it.  How can people be so cruel.  It’s not like this is an ingrown toe nail or something.  Although those are painful for some people it is usually not to life threatening.

Linkin our pitbull follows me all over the place and is like a witches black cat with me.  It is nice to have him hang out sometimes but not so great when I trip over his big feet because he’s right underneath me.  lol.

So things are hopefully looking up and after Christmas will be weeks of radiation.  Won’t know how long until pathology comes back.  The part that bothers me about this is when I met with the natural doctor this week (finally) she was trying to tell me radiation does not affect immune system.  I find that hard to believe as it is radiation – something that can cause cancer and other damage to the body.  But since she had no study she believed it doesn’t harm the immune system as she tried to tell me no taking anti-oxidant supplements during radiation as it can reduce the effectiveness.  I told her that was old school thinking with chemo as they used to say that.  She said that they now have study proving otherwise but don’t have that with radiation.  I can’t imagine what it does to the body and then they tell you don’t supplement at all.  hmmmmmmm.  I lost a little faith in her when she said that.

So we’ll see what happens after Christmas.

Wish me luck and I forbid Tim or anyone else to video me after I am sedated for surgery so NO you will not see anything on social media, and if you do…..you may see an obituary for my husband cause he will be the guilty one.  Just sayin.  Just kidding, I’d only plot his death!

AND ONE MORE THING… if you did not get a chance to see the video that my friend Maria did for me please watch it and share her page Maria Tamayo Portrait.  She did a fantastic job and she offered it all to me for free because I am going through cancer!  Hope my link works.

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