Another Fun Cancer Fact….

Well not so fun but I wonder how many people know that some of the drugs used to fight breast cancer can also CAUSE leukemia or blood cancer or other cancers.  I was amazed at how some women who are currently on this journey had no idea that the drug they are using for chemo can actually cause cancer in another part of the body.

This week I read through the sheets they gave me when I began this whole thing, I read that part of it and how it says “talk to your dr. about this”.  Well duh.  I did but they really don’t give you another option and as I read this “may cause leukemia or blood cancer”  I began to cry.  I don’t cry that often in this journey now as I have accepted most of it but this, this just made me cry out of anger.  How can this be the ONLY option given to people?  How can this be acceptable?

Then I see a post in one of my cancer groups on fb that a recent Yale study shows that those who use alternative cancer treatments die sooner than those that use conventional.  So basically poo-pooing alternative treatments.  This angered me even more.  For one, the poster had no idea who paid for the Study- a big issue for me.  But in a world where the only “treatment” or “cure” the oncology dept can give me is a possible damage to my organs and veins as well as possible cancer caused by the drugs why wouldn’t a person try and look for a more natural way to “treat” this??  Sadly modern medicine can’t even get on the same page with treatments.  They go by a study of a few thousand women who are all different, and just because 85-90% of them had a good outcome then that is the treatment plan for every single woman who comes in with this same cancer issue.  That’s fine if you are not the 10-15% that the treatment doesn’t work for isn’t it?  That’s fine if you are NOT one of the 1% who ends up with another cancer or permanent organ damage – including brain damage – from the treatment.  Do it anyway cause the study said so.  And big pharma cashes in.  Did you know that they gi ve you neulesta a drug to help make blood cells if your numbers fall to low because the chemo kills it?  Did you also know that ONE treatment, and you may need up to 16 treatments in my regiment, is $10,000???  And that does’t even count in the actual chemo treatment.  I don’t even want to see what our total may be after all of this.  Yet this is a woman’s ONLY option and a better choice than anything natural?

After talking with over 100 women online going through the same thing it is UNREAL how many oncologists are not on the same page with natural supplements.  Mine says no problem and tracks what I take.  Others will tell woman absolutely NO supplements not even a multi-vitamin or an extra C, B or Vitamin D. They even have different ideas of what you should eat and drink during this.  GRRRRRRR.

Ok rant over, but you get my drift on all of this right?  I am just pissed off and when I get pissed off I cry.

My week has been very exhausting.  I had to cancel a few things as I just couldn’t get to them.  I did do a vitamin C infusion but it didn’t seem to do much and not sure if it is worth $225 for another.  I feel like I am constantly hung over yet alcohol doesn’t really appeal to me much right now.  I know, SHOCKER!  lol.

My white blood cell was a bit elevated and red blood cell a little low.  Not to much that it altered any treatment though.  We will see what my tests say tomorrow.  No fevers anyway so that is good.  Not bad that I made it over 1/2 way before the numbers began to waiver.  So that is a plus.

Another plus is I had to trim my bangs again today as they were hanging in my eyes to much.  Hopefully it will continue to grow after I start the dose dense red devil crap on aug 16th.

I am hoping to stay awake all day Saturday for Charley’s graduation party.  Last Saturday was a nappy kind of day so wish me luck.  Finally replenished my coffee supply so that should help.  I am also going to try a new oil recipe for pain issues (headache mostly) that a dear friend gave to me last night.  I will let you know how it works.  She is a nurse and said it helps many of her clients at an assisted living facility she works at.  It’s great having so many connections!  🙂

So far I have been able to work 2 days out of the week but this week was really hard.  I am hoping next week will be better.  I will also be getting another ultrasound before I start the dose dense to see if the tumor has shrunk further.  Continued prayers would be much appreciated -even tho I know I don’t have to ask because i know you are all thinking of me when you are not busy lol.

So tomorrow is #11 out of 16.  Can’t wait to have my Thursdays back sometime.  Thanks for helping me stay positive through all this crap.  I appreciate you all.

See ya next week.



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