Are you Sick & Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Now for many of us we think that becoming healthier takes special products and LOTS of $$$$. It is simply not true.

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Yes I have used a few products that have helped me to curb carb cravings and whole food vitamins and supplements that helped me to get the nutrients I was missing in my diet but that is really it. Let me show you how to make lifestyle changes that are simple and inexpensive that can help you achieve better health. Not just to lose weight but to learn how your body uses what you feed it. To learn why some things in your diet may be making you fat when you think they are healthy for you. I did not purchase a gym membership nor did I spend hundreds of dollars each month on powdered protein drinks or fat blockers. As I said, I used 1 oil blend and a vitamin/mineral & omega 3 supplement. A total of $65.80 a month. Or $2.19 a DAY. Was it worth it to lower my blood pressure and regain energy, among several other benefits? You bet it was!!! Natural, chemical free, stimulant free, whole food source. I have a bachelor in health and wellness and I can help you to learn how your habits could be keeping you sick and tired. No gimmicks. No magic results or quick fixes. When you give the body what it needs it has the ability to heal itself. Private message me or contact me at

You can even schedule a free private consult with me at my Hortonville office conveniently online.

If you already take a vitamin/mineral/omega 3 supplement make the switch and see the difference in how you feel. 30 day money back guarantee for these 3. And I am still on my journey. Have another 40 to go yet, but even if it takes me another 23.5 weeks I know I will keep it off for good. It won’t pile back on as soon as I stop using the oil blend or even if I stop using the supplements. I probably won’t feel as good without the supplements but I won’t need them to maintain my weight loss.

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