As I look forward to surgery

I continue to use my oils and supplements because there are still two tumors in my body that can begin to grow again before they remove them with a lumpectomy.

Lumpectomy means they will take out just the tumor and a large area around it in the hopes of removing all tissue that contains cancer cells.  I have chosen this vs. a mastectomy because mastectomy, where they remove ALL breast tissue, has the same rate of recurrence that the lumpectomy does.  So I figured why do a more evasive surgery with higher risk of infection when I don’t need to?

Of course because the triple negative tumor (or non hormone responsive) was 7cm when we began there may be a large amount of tissue taken out with the tumor.  This will make the breast look very deformed.  You see from what I understand, breast cancer can either be hormone responsive – hormones cause it to grow – being Estrogen, Progesterone or a protein Her2 – human epidermal growth factor receptor 2   

Or it can be negative and unresponsive to all of these three and then is called TRIPLE NEGATIVE Breast Cancer.  This type is more aggressive but does respond to many chemotherapy drugs.

The hormone responsive cancer, which one of mine is Estrogen positive, Progesterone positive and her2 negative does not respond well to chemotherapy and is usually treated with hormone blockers for decades depending on the woman’s age.

Luckily my E/P+ did shrink a little during my chemo treatments (maybe it was the oils?)  And I will find out Monday after my MRI just how much the triple negative one has shrunk.  From ultrasound it shows considerable shrinkage (makes me think of George on Seinfeld bahahaha) but they need MRI to tell just by how much.

The surgeon can then decide when to schedule surgery and estimate how long it may take.

When I did a PET scan (radioactive sugar) back in April there was no lymph node involvement showing up.  Surgeon finds this hard to believe as most women do have at least 1 or 2 that show positive so she is assuming that she will find some when she goes in for surgery.  I believe the supplements have helped it not to spread but what do I know?  Anyway they will inject a blue dye into the lymph and if any are showing signs of cancer they will turn blue.  She will only remove these.  My hope is not a lot of them as then it effects lymph drainage from your arm on that side for the rest of your life.  As in no blood pressure cuffing, no blood drawings and lymphodemia  may occur – fluid build up in the arm requiring a pressure sleeve to be worn.  Yuck.

I have started to be more aggressive with ingesting oils especially frank in hopes to stop any more growth while I await surgery.  I put 3 drops each of Frankincense, Turmeric, & Copaiba oils in a veggie cap and ingest 5 times a day.  All of these oils have shown to stop cancer growth or slow it in studies.  And it can’t hurt so I am going for it.  I still apply Frankincense topically on the areas morning and evening.  I add 34 drops to a 10ml roller of carrier oil.  This is an oil high in anti-inflammatory properties which cancer or any type of disease is caused by inflammation.

I will share more next week after I get MRI results and I see my oncologist on Monday to do a blood test to check  blood counts and liver/kidney function as I cannot schedule surgery until those are all at normal levels yet I am not worried because those levels have been fabulous the entire treatment.  Only once did my blood counts lower a little.  This was normal due to the chemo but it was not so bad they had to discontinue treatments.  So I am pretty confident that the numbers will be good and I will be on the phone with my surgeon by the end of the day.

After the surgery is complete and pathology gives us the all clear (which means that surgeon took out enough tissue to test negative for any cancer) then I will see a plastic surgeon to basically push remaining tissue together like a snowball to form it into what hopefully will look like breasts and then sew it back up and send me home to heal.  I will be a smaller size obviously but that I am not worried about.  Hopefully I will have all the feeling left in the area and it will look somewhat like normal.  And hopefully I can do all of this with little complications.

I’ll continue to share my oily regime with you all as time goes on.

If you have questions please ask.  I want to try and shed light on this journey so others understand just how things are.  There are many things I didn’t know and assumed many wrong things along the way when I had friends go through this.

For some mastectomy is not a big deal and they are ok with it.  For other’s like myself, this is devastating and not something that you just “get over”.  Because you know what?  Breast cancer looks a certain way under a microscope and even if you have no breast tissue they can still find this exact cancer in your lungs, your liver, your bones or even your brain.  No it’s not brain cancer it is breast cancer in your brain tissues.  There is no easy or obvious answer and you can say that you would do this or that if you were diagnosed but you know what??  You have no idea what to say or how you will feel when they say those words to you.  Suddenly you will second guess every thing you have ever done or are doing and what you will do in the future.  Even tho it seems like I have breezed through this it has been NO CAKE WALK.  I try to stay positive by not dwelling on the negative and kept most of my side effects to myself and my husband.  I didn’t want pity but I also didn’t want that to be my focus all the time either as it will only make you feel worse.  Women deserve better than the way prevention, diagnosis and treatment are currently.  When I think of what my mother went through I just shed tears of the torture that she must have suffered through.  And for many women it is still torture and ugliness no matter how pretty they try and make it with pink ribbons and little bells to ring.  Maybe this is why I have been handed this in my lifes journey, I don’t know but I do know more women need to share their stories and more people need to realize that breast cancer is just as serious as colon cancer or brain cancer.  It is just as much a battle and it takes so much from you.  Even if you try not to let it, it robs you of so much and it’s hard not to feel hopeless and helpless sometimes.  I am so thankful I found Jesus so many years ago and have deep faith as I don’t know where I would be without him.  He has saved me from total devastation through all of this.  And all the prayers you all have sent for me – which remind me – a dear friend in my doterra group went to a recent benefit to raise funds for breast cancer.  Each woman/girl got a pretty pink length of hair to put in their own hair for awareness and then they took a picture holding a plaque stating who thy were supporting and she put ME on her plaque!  My heart was so overflowing with emotions when she showed me that picture.  To know people are doing these things with me in mind makes me so thankful for all of you.  Help me change the world of breast cancer for the better.  1 in 8 women is a disgusting statistic that needs to be changed.  We all deserve better and that includes the husbands, fathers, sons, uncles and brothers out there.

Well I’ve gone on long enough.  See you next week!




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