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Join us for an evening of advanced education. This evening is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their essential oil knowledge on how to use their essential oils for cleaning, personal care, and pet care. Our desire is to help you find a greater love for essential oils and for you to better understand how they can be used in your day to day lives. We will also be highlighting some of the benefits our your wholesale membership and the best way to be purchasing your favorite oils and other products. Have you wondered what sets doterra essential oils apart from other essential oil companies? Join us as Rod Richardson shares the heart of dōTERRA and why we are the leading essential oil company in the world and what sets our oils apart from the rest.

Cleaning With Essential Oils- Nikki Poppe, a Gold, has been using essential oils for 5 years and loves teaching others how to incorporate oils into their daily routine. She loves researching new ways to utilize essential oils, whether it be for cleaning, cooking, or personal care. In her free time she is a Super Sport Mom to her son Austin.

Personal care with dōTERRA- Brooke Bredael, a Elite from Luxemburg, WI Owner/Operator of Ponytails On Main Salon. Giving you some insite on creating a healthy body to achieve great hair, skin and nails.

Essentially Healthy Pets- Brianna Hess, a Blue Diamond, Mother of 5 and has been with dōTERRA for 6 years. She is passionate about animals and empowering others to make posititve life changes. Over the past 6 years dōTERRA has allowed her family to live without fear, discover their passions and reconnect with each other. It is her desire to help others do the same!

Maximizing Your Membership/Heart of dōTERRA- Rod Richardson, Blue Diamond, has a vision of inspiring and developing great and powerful leaders throughout the world. He currently has a dōTERRA team of thousands in every US State and 28 foreign countries! Rod’s mission is to lift and liberate the world one drop at a time!

This event is FREE and open to the public. Please make sure to register for this event. Those who register prior to event will receive one Free Raffle ticket! Additional raffle tickets will be available at the event and can be purchased for $3 for 1 ticket, $5 for 2 tickets and $20 for 10 tickets. We will have hundreds of dollars of essential oils and other dōTERRA products for the raffle.


Get a FREE ticket HERE!  They are nearly sold out.

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