Week 9 of 16

Even after 9 weeks of chemo I am still learning about it!

With no hairs in your nose, due to chemo, there is nothing to filter out dirt and allergens and help to get rid of mucus either. So I am very stuffy as well as have more bloody noses and other sinus issues.  Sadly if I don’t take a claritin every single day my head feels like it will explode.

I also learned that I don’t have to take steroids, the main reason to use them each week is for allergic reactions to the chemo and to help battle the nausea.  The nausea has not been to bad so I am going to ask them if I can avoid the steroids and hopefully I won’t have the food cravings and bloating from it.  It has been helpful to speak to other women going through this as I thought this was not an option but they tell me different.

I’ve also asked to have iv fluids each week now after treatment as it really helps with the exhaustion.  So hopefully they will agree with that.

I am worried how the AC treatments will go during August and September as they are  more dose dense and could have more severe side effects.  I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about this but it is hard when I see many others doing treatments who look so unhealthy and you can tell they do not feel well during their treatments.

My doterra team and I have been discussing products to help with all of this and someone asked how many products do you use in any one given day.  I have found that even without the whole cancer issue I use anywhere from 16-25 products or oils each and every day.  I still think this is why I have had such good success with it all.  I feel so  bad for those women who are told by their dr not to take any vitamins or minerals or even omega 3 while they are going through their regiment for cancer.  These women feel so sick and feel just awful for the most part.  I don’t understand why the drs are not all on the same page with this.  My dr says as long as she has a list of what I am using she has had no problem with me taking supplements and using oils.  She only had issue with the Alpha CRS because it does have ingredients that can increase blood flow and I was getting a lot more leg and joint pain and nerve issues when I took it.  Otherwise all the rest have been good.  But then there are other doctors who say “absolutely NOT” for any type of supplement, even vitamin D3.  I just don’t understand it, there are many studies that point to the opposite of this theory.  Yet many women will ONLY do what their dr tells them to do.  For me, I cannot offer that type of blind faith in a dr.  Not when I’ve done my own research on this.  It is MY BODY not the drs.  One woman even said her dr said NO tea and I feel bad for her because without my essiac tea my hot flashes would be out of control and I’d be miserable.

So far with the iv fluids my Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday until treatment on Thursdays are going pretty well.  So I’ll take it!  I am able to see clients on Tuesdays & Wednesdays so far and it is working well.  I hope to continue it until the end of September.  I will be giving the 25% discount on the reflexology and reiki until end of August so I am hoping everyone will take advantage of this while I need to limit my hours.

Kids seem to be handling things well, Adam still has his share of meltdowns and I think it’s because he is unsure of what is all going on and it’s tough for him to understand it.  Stability is best for him but there are just times when things change quickly and there is no time to prepare for them.  So it’s one day at a time.

Here I am in my astronaut outfit again.  lol.  But so far I have not lost any hair.  I am happy.

Have a great day and count your blessings, be grateful for at least one thing today.  I am grateful I can walk wherever I need to go right now. Thank you Lord!


Fun Cancer Fact……

When your blood counts of red and white cells drops due to chemo they give you a drug called nuelesta.
Guess how much it is for ONE injection??
Did you guess 5 figures?
If not you were way off!
Saw a friend who went through this last year.
$10,000 per injection. Sometimes you need more than one.
I pray I can avoid these.

Half Way There!!

Well it took me a bit to recover this week and had two big events going on so that took much of my time!

The dr. opted to give me a bag of fluids on Friday last week and it really seemed to help me get over the exhaustion.  So I may be doing that weekly for a bit.

Even tho I try and drink 1/2 my weight in water every day it just wasn’t enough.  I am retaining water from the steroids like mad and look like a blowfish.  Ugh!  But my blood work has been good and the side effects not so bad.

Fun fact – Chemo puts you into menopause whether you want to go or not or are even old enough for it!  So the hot flashes got really bad last week – however, I realized I had not been drinking my 1/2 cup of essiac tea daily for a Image result for essiac tea

week and realized this could be why.  Back on the tea for 2 days and the hot flashes are much better controlled.  Still get warm but at least it’s not waking me up every hour of the night!  And I found an oil blend that helps with it too.  Small victories!

I made it to the two concerts this week but Sunday and Monday I sorta paid for it with fatigue.  Was just too tired to do much of anything.  Church was very hard to not sleep through.  But the concerts were so much fun and now I can say I have experienced Summerfest.

Thinking of joining a support group that meets every other month at the center so that may help too with the nasty bloating feeling.  Just feel kinda ugly lately.  But I still have my hair – I am so thankful I don’t have a bald head to remind me of all this daily.

Caffeine is becoming my friend to help battle the exhaustion – don’t judge.

If you are not busy on the next three thursdays let me know – I may need some company at the chemo sessions.  4 more of the basic taxol treatments to go then a dose dense 4 treatments with AC (different drugs) at the end for 4 treatments every other week.  My hope is that I will do ok in September at the doterra conference on my off week.  We will see.  It’s a long drive but is more recommended than flying is right now so I am willing even if I’m not able lol.

Eyebrows are still there although some have mutinied but I am having dreams I lost them totally and then I don’t have an eyebrow pencil to draw them in.  Good grief!   My buddy said just use a sharpie.  Reminds me of the days when people passed out drunk and someone would shave off one of their eyebrows or part of a mustache and then they would use a sharpie to draw it back in.  Fun times.  And no I was not the one getting shaved back then.

I really think I am not anemic yet (common side effect) because of the vitamins and supplements I have been using.  I will be going to a natural doc. on Friday to see about vitamin infusions – these can help the cancer fight but also the fatigue.  Plus it boosts immunity which I need right now.

Mouth sores are common during this whole process too and I have been fortunate until now – the corners of my mouth are cracking a bit so I’ve been using the correct x ointment on it and it seems to be helping – I hope.  I don’t need the face of a teenager!  Acne is common too – yeah, yay me!  Who wants to dress me up, put on some makeup and go out and look cute for a bit?  Tired of feeling blah or what is the emoji?  Meh?  Yeah that’s me right now.

So tomorrow is #9 and I have 2 wonderful ladies joining me.  So glad people want to spend time watching me sleep and getting me warm blankies.  I know it sounds boring and it probably is, but I am so thankful some of you want to do that.  It means a lot to me.

Watch for Dash’s pics tomorrow – he’s such a camera ham.  Poor Al has to photo bomb just to get in a picture.


#7 is in the books

Yesterday I completed #7 – have 9 more to go.  Will finish up in September – I hope.

All my numbers were “beautiful” again as the dr. said.  So my organs are keeping up with all this.  I still thank my supplements for this and God of course.

The cold capping has kept 100% of my hair so far and I am so incredibly blessed and pray it continues.  I have had no major shedding at all which can happen for some.  Haven’t had to shave my legs for 2 weeks tho – kinda liking that part.  My eyebrows are still going strong too.  hurray.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor

I shared this pic on fb yesterday as my wonderful sis inlaw sat with me and brought me snacks and took my pictures.  Thank You Jan!

Anyway you will notice there is a maxi pad on the part of the cold cap that does the cooling part.  The cap has small tubes in it that I assume liquid nitrogen goes through to do the cooling down to 35 degrees.  This pad is put on for a very important reason.  There is a cloth/foam cover that goes over this and it is important to get the top of the head as close to the cooling as possible and typically our skulls are not to even on the top so if there is any type of a dip the pad helps to make better contact in that area.  So even tho it looks incredibly funny before they cover it know that it is for a good reason. lol

Image may contain: Jeanne Gehrke, smiling, sitting and indoor

Here is what the finished product looks like and I have to wear it and look like an astronaut for about 5.5 hours.  So it makes for about a 7 hour day total with all the premeds they give me.

I look a bit puffy due to the steroids they give me for potential allergies.  They make me retain water terribly.  So even though I am drinking 1/2 my weight in ounces each day I am feeling very bloated.  yuck!  The scale says an added 12lbs in a few weeks time.  boooooo!

Although I am using some outside sources other than doterra for natural support it is very expensive.  Just a consult with no IV vitamins treatment is about $425!  Ugh!  And of course insurance won’t go near any of this kind of thing.  But IV vitamins have shown to help stop cancer and regress it.  So I would really like to do B17 and C but it’s another $100 for each infusion on top[ of the 425.  grrrrrr.  And with limited time for work it is hard making less than before this all started to keep up.  I try not to let it bother me but there are constant reminders every day.

Trying hard to stay positive.  The ultrasound on Tuesday showed that the tumor in the left, when compared to the MRI (kinda of like comparing apples to oranges tho) has confident results of the tumor shrinking so the dr is confident that the treatment is working and we are continuing on.

The MRI before I began in May showed measurements of 7 x 2.6 x 3.0 cm.

The ultrasound on Tuesday showed 1.8 x 1.1 x 1.6 cm.

Not real precise because it is 2 different testing modalities but radiology says it looks positive so I am going with that.

So I will continue to plug on and do both western and eastern medicine to beat this.

Thanks again for all the prayers and positive thoughts.  You don’t know how good it makes me feel every day.


When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on March 23rd of this year I felt like I was being shoved in a corner and forced to make decisions that didn’t agree with me.  I felt as though no one wanted to hear me and that the decisions of what was to be done were already made for me.  Doctors go by what a study says as to how they will treat what you have or do not have.  Some even treat you like you don’t have any say so in this because you don’t know medicine.  I am not a doctor but I knew enough that I wasn’t going to let them just pick and choose what they did without an explanation and without my say so.  I also knew that just because they saw something on a test it did not mean it was gold.  As in, it did not mean they had all the right answers.

Doctors can be wrong and a diagnosis does not identify YOU.  Even treatment ideas can be wrong so just because the dr tells you that you have this much time or that this or that will be the best plan I would recommend you seek more opinions and do some research yourself.

When I was diagnosed the dr had it all planned out for me.  You will do this chemo according to this study.

Then you will have a double mastectomy even though you are not genetically predisposed to any cancer, then you will have reconstructive surgery and choose the breast implants you would like or radiation first which you will most likely need and then you may magically be cured when we’ve done all of this.  This will take you to about October of this year so don’t plan any vacations that require air flight and large crowds.

Done deal.  Ready?  OK let’s go.

And that is honestly how I felt.  They had it all planned.  Didn’t matter what I thought even though they assured me it did matter.  Yet most of my suggestions were either ignored or were dismissed as not the best choice at all.  We just do this, this and that all in that order and we will try and cure you.

Can you imagine how angry I was?  I felt like I had no where to turn.

After all of the overwhelming feelings wore off and I am glad I waited a month to even start treatment to get my ducks in a row because now I could think clearly.  I was able to make decisions that were right for me.  I was able to process all the things they were telling me.  They were in a rush and I am here to tell you, don’t be in a rush.  Even though my one tumor is more aggressive I am glad I did things slower than what they wanted me to.

I also began to look at my stress levels and how I was eating and decided I needed to make some changes in order to improve my health.  Many things I had been doing were literally destroying my immune system.

I visualize the chemo and the changes eating up the cancer.  Dissolving it like paper that has been soaking in water for a day.  Focusing on

“it’s not about you.  It’s the BIGGER PICTURE”

Just because this is how something has always been done doesn’t mean it’s the right answer!  DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.  Sometimes it is what is needed.  Look from outside of the box.

Instead of asking “why me” think about the bigger picture of how you can change things for someone else.  Maybe that is why this journey has come in your pathway.  Let go of the ego and then you will see the bigger picture.  What you need to do, think, say and more.

There is no ONE right answer.  If there was EVERYONE would be doing it now wouldn’t we?  Everyone is different so what works for one may not work at all for another.  That is why I chose to do the chemo I have and will decide on what type of surgery I want and what natural options I want to use on my journey and not just go with the norm.  Because this is MY JOURNEY and no one else’s.  This has happened to draw me down another path.  I had considered doing some of the things on this path before but would not have chosen to do this without this diagnosis.  In other words I would not have found a reason that was important enough until now to make these changes that were needed long ago.  Let that sink in.

If there is something that has been nagging and or gnawing at you to change then what are you waiting for?  Waiting for it to get bad enough for you to make the change more important? Don’t wait.  The sooner you do it will make it easier when you have to do it.  Trust me, voice of experience here.

Maybe now I will finally finish that book I have had in my brain for years.  Maybe I’ll finally take that vacation I have been putting off and convincing myself of some excuse not to do it.

I am not doomed and neither are you.  Everyone has a battle and it may not be the same as yours but it is still a battle.  We still don’t give up fighting it daily.  It does not define you.  It just may be unique to you. But along the way you will find many similarities in your journey and many others who are warriors every day.  So rejoice in your battle.  I love the song that says:

You won’t make yourself a name if you follow the rules
History gets made when you’re acting a fool
So don’t hold it back and just run it
Show what you got and just own it
No, they can’t tear you apart
If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle
Don’t be afraid, take the road less traveled
Wear out your boots and kick up the gravel
Don’t be afraid, take the road less traveled on
So take the road less traveled my friends and DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

Treatment #5

I have to say this week has been a very good week.  Very little side effects and I am amazed.  Not complaining but amazed.

A little numbness and tingling in my hands but it was short lived and not to bad.  More annoying than anything.  My hair is really growing too.  You can see by all the grey growing in lol.  But I am not complaining.  I had to cut 1/4″ off my bangs because they were hanging in my eyes.

So far using the Immortelle on my brows has been helping me to keep my brows and have them growing too.  This is the same blend I use on my port scar and it has helped it to heal very well with minimal scarring.  I of course use this on my wrinkles too lol.  I think it helps with those too.

Image result for doterra immortelle

I feel that somehow this is all just a dream and I am not really the one who has cancer.  I am blessed and fortunate that my side effects have not been as nasty as many other’s have had to endure.  I belong to a few groups on fb and many women talk about how awful the side effects are and how they wish they could do a different treatment.  Did they make the right decision with their doctors or not?  I guess we all 2nd guess at one point and time.  My hope and prayer is my side effects will be down to a minimum along with any permanent damage my body could suffer from the treatments.

I revisited my pulmonary doc to follow up with the chest lymph that is inflamed.  He tells me that I have a fungus that is somewhat normal but can cause issues in people.  But since I have no issue right now then my body must be getting along with it quite well.  Yet he says they have no idea if the fungus is causing the inflammation or not.  I have a feeling it is.  They did not test this time for the fungus but still see some inflammation although my breathing numbers are significantly better.  So that makes me wonder if the fungus is not part of the candida that the wellness doc is treating me for????  Possible as both are a fungus.  Now since the numbers are better could it be because I am taking the wormwood and golden seal to fight the candida??  I am thinking yes but of course I have no concrete proof of this.  So think what you would like for the jury is still out.

Image result for wormwood liquid mediherb This is vile tasting stuff but if it is working then it is worth it.  Image result for wormwood liquid mediherb The wormwood is not much better but as I said if it works I will do it.  I will get tested again in a couple of months to see how the candida is.  I have a feeling once it is gone so will most of the inflammation in the chest lymph.

Of course I am still putting a 25% (25% x 170 drops in a 10 ml = 43 drops of frank) dilution of frank on the girls 2x daily and I cover the middle of the chest too.  So this could be helping too as frank works as an anti-inflammatory.  Again, the jury is still out on this one.

Image result for doterra frankincense

Thursday I go in for #6 treatment of 12.  So far all of my numbers of vitamins, electrolytes, blood cell counts, etc have been normal and good.  Let’s keep praying it stays that way as if they fall to low then they may need to postphone treatments.  After #6  on Tuesday, June 26th they will do another ultrasound and do a measurement of the larger triple negative tumor – this is the aggressive one.  This will give us all an idea of how well or not the treatment is working.  This will be done in New London and hopefully they will call me right away with the results.

The heat is keeping me from doing yard work that desperately needs to be done but it makes me light headed and they tell me the chemo will make me more sensitive to the sun so I have to limit my time in it but not avoid it as that will just make things worse.  My immune system needs the sun.

But a lot of my frustration is coming out as an ugly mood and I am not sure how much more my family can endure.  I am trying very hard to relax and not get so bent out of shape but it doesn’t always work very well.  And with money tight it is hard to even find the funds for date nights.  After 22 years date nights are really needed – no matter what anyone says lol.  We will spend our 22nd anniversary at a chemo treatment this week.  We met at Bill’s bar 22 years ago on June 21st and were married the same year on December 14th.  How time flies when you’re having fun.

No matter what tho I am going to have a huge victory celebration after all this.  Can’t wait!  And I hope you will all want to join me in some way shape or form.

Talk soon.

Stay positive and be grateful for one of your blessings every single day.



Chemo & The Digestive System

Sounds like a love story right?

I am sure you probably assume that it is NO love story, and you are right.  But I have been able to make it a bit better by using some great tips and tricks.

And this can help for anyone who is dealing with constipation or other digestive whoa.

Yes some of the anit-nausea meds they give you when you do chemo are very rough on the digestive tract and can cause severe constipation too.  Here is what you can do:

#1 – drink half your weight in ounces of water.  YES HALF!  If you weigh 200lbs. then you need 100 ounces of water.  Yes you may pee more but it will be worth it.

#2 – I use a combo of GX assist and Senokot to help things get moving more naturally.  If it’s too much stop the senokot first.  If you are still to loosy goosy then stop the gx assist or lower the dose. (click the picture to learn more)


#3 – Use a good probiotic!!  I can not stress this enough.  You must replace good bacteria in the gut that the chemo or other drugs like antibiotics can destroy.  Click on the picture to learn more about the PB assist.  These come with an outer layer that help the probitotics get through the stomach acid to the intestine where they are needed.  There is also a granulated and great tasting probiotic called pb assist jr.


#4 – if your digestive enzymes are low – especially if you take an anti-acid or eat a high processed food diet, you may wish to help your food break down with the Terrazyme capsules.  This can help to avoid bloating and undigested food from getting into your intestines.


#5 – Digestzen, this is one of the BEST things I have found and can be used internally or topically to help anything with where the food goes into the body to where it comes out of the body.  This is an oil blend.  I use it internally as it helps me the best if I am bloated or have an upset tummy and the anti-nausea meds just are not helping or if I want to avoid a bit of the constipation that comes with the anti-nausea meds I take these.  It tastes like black licorice and I am not a fan of that so I take the gel caps and do not have to taste it.  I use this on an as needed basis.

#6 – if I am feeling uncomfortably bloated or if there is a tightness in the gallbladder area I will apply some castor oil with a few drops of geranium oil in it to my belly and cover it with a towel and apply a warm compress on top of it.  Helps to soothe the area.  And a warm bath after can feel amazing with some epsom salts too.  You can find castor oil at any local pharmacy and most retail stores.

Frankincense derived heavy terpene cocktail boosting breast cancer cell (MDA-MB-231) death in vitro

Inflammation is one of the key processes through which the body fights infection. When tissue becomes inflamed, white blood cells arrive to fight infection. Local inflammation causes redness, swelling, and heat. It can occur with injuries ranging from mild to life-threatening.7

Image result for doterra frankincenseBecause Frankincense has been used over the centuries as a powerful anti-inflammatory, I have been using it daily on the area that houses my tumors.  One tumor is Triple negative meaning that it is not influenced by hormones.  The other tumor is estrogen/progesterone positive (+) and her2 negative (-) and is influenced by the hormones of estrogen and progesterone.

There are studies listed below that do prove this anti-inflammatory claim.  So don’t just take my word for it – check out the links below.

You can also create your own 10ml roller and make it various strengths to suite your needs.

Image result for doterra frankincense touchI took the old rollers and calculated a 10% dilution because I am actively fighting a condition that is caused by acute inflammation.  Normally if you are using daily you only need a 2-3% dilution but as I said my immune system is compromised right now so I upped it to 25%.  You can use what you feel is right for you.  I also added in DDR prime blend and I will talk about this later in the blog.  Stay tuned as to my reasons why.

A 10 ml roller like the one shown above holds about 170 drops of oil total.  25% of this would be approx 43 drops.  (170x.25=42.5 drops) Just to make it easy I add 50 drops of frankincense oil to the roller and then fill the rest with sweet almond oil. (use your own favorite carrier – Fractionated coconut oil works the best and absorbs nicely.)  When I am mixing DDR with it I split the amount in half so 25 drops of DDR and 25 drops of Frank.  I roll this on the areas every morning after a shower and every night before I go to bed.  Yes I try and be religious with this application!!

Image result for doterra fco

And yes I do this regiment along with my weekly chemo treatments.  My doctors have been very supportive of oils through this journey.

Stay tuned and I will share more details of what I use on a daily basis to fight and boost immunity naturally.


To our knowledge, this was the first study of the biological activities of FREO in human dermal fibroblasts. FREO was significantly anti-proliferative to these cells. FREO significantly inhibited the production of collagen IIIIP-10, and ICAM-1. Genome-wide gene expression analysis showed that FREO modulated global gene expression. It also robustly affected signaling pathways which are relevant to inflammation and tissue remodeling.4

4. http://www.aromaticscience.com/biological-activities-of-frankincense-essential-oil-in-human-dermal-fibroblasts/

#4 Treatment didn’t go as Planned.

Well that was fun was just about done with this post and accidentally went out of it and lost it all.  So here I begin again.  Adam is constantly replaying everything he does so I got side tracked by that again, and lost it all.  Ugh.
Anyway, #4 didn’t go so well.  Thursday night I had a lot of issue sleeping, the steroids are really keeping me wired for the first 18 hours plus it makes me retain fluid like wild fire!  I gain 7-8 lbs of water weight the first 5 days and just when I finally get rid of it on the 6th day I end up with it back again the next treatment day. I am drinking 1/2 my weight in oz and still it hangs on.  Oh well, it could be worse right?
Friday was ok and I rested some in the morning but then Adam had living skills with Sarah til 130 then I did a membership overview with her with the oils and then off to get an rx for nausea meds before we went to MN.  Good thing I did because I needed them on Monday (today).
Saturday I was hit by extreme exhaustion at 11 am then again at 4 pm and never really recovered after that.  Went to bed at 9, fell asleep at 10 and slept til 9 am! Guess I was tired.  Sunday was ok driving back to home just a little nausea but not too much.  Today I left home at 8:30 thinking I didn’t need to take the meds as the nausea had not been that bad.  Wrong idea.  By 10 am I felt awful and nearly lost my oatmeal from breakfast!  Had to cut my breakfast date short with my friend which kinda bit the big one but after taking the back up nausea med I was a bit better.
Made some yummy almond bagels that are only 16 carbs in the all 8 of the bagels I made.  5 little and 3 big ones.  They sat ok on my tummy but I have not had much today anyway.
I am looking forward to Summerfest to see def leppard and journey with charley and jasmyne but I am worried I may not feel to well and won’t be able to go.  Charley bought my ticket and I’d hate to disappoint her.  As well as the catfish races.  Those are on a Saturday and my Saturdays have been hit or miss each time so I don’t know if I will make it or not.  Everyone knows how I just LOVE to have things up in the air like this…NOT!  So we will see.
My doterra business is doing well, however, the business in Hortonville is struggling as I have had to take so much time off for treatments and the side effects.  Ugh!  Only time I can be open is Tuesdays and Wednesdays and even those may be hard sometimes.  Doesn’t leave much time for clients to get in.  But I’m trying to do my best and I guess that’s all I can do.  Rent is still due regardless of how I feel. Hubby has been so supportive and is really doing well with my outbursts and bitchiness through all this.  I apologize and then it happens again.  Not sure how he can put up with me.
My hair is growing along with my eye brows yet.  Using Rosemary oil on my hair and the doterra shampoo.  Working well.
 Image result for immortelle doterra
The immortelle is used on my eyebrows and I really think it is helping me to not lose any hairs, although I had to have them waxed they were growing in so well again.  Lol.
I am using frank and ddr prime in a carrier oil on the cancer area and hoping for good things.  Can’t hurt right?Image result for ddr doterra
Next tho I have to pay attention to the arm pits.  I know TMI but they look dark and scaly like snake skin!  Must be from the chemo but was not expecting this.  Think it may be the hormones shifting from it all too.  So some frank and a carrier oil is beginning.  Maybe adding some lavender too.  No hair there tho so it’s nice not having to shave!!  Waiting for my legs to give up the hair idea yet.  They are being a bit more stubborn.
I need a nap lol but Adam is putting in cat in the hat…AGAIN….  Tomorrow is his birthday.  16 already.  And I don’t even have a gift for him yet.  Or a cake.  So far behind some days.  Off to take my vitamins and minerals.  I think they are doing the most for me.  I know that’s the only thing saving my memory or what’s left of it tee hee.  Although they said I should avoid the crs as it could be causing more join pain from the chemo and I think they may be right as it is a vascular dilator.  Now that I avoided it for a week the pain has gotten much better.  So change is good sometimes.
Image result for llv doterra
Talk soon, and thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts.  I can feel them so much!

Does the mention of a “Business Opportunity” make you want to run the other way?


Are you tired of outdated MLM businesses that offer compensation based for their own private motivational and promotion products? No real product is concentrated on but more so the “opportunity” or the buying and selling of motivational materials or self help materials that have nothing to really do with the product they originally said they were offering?
You begin buying toilet paper online only to eventually be selling motivational cd’s and videos out of your car to the 1% of business builders in the world.
Unfortunately these types of businesses give all MLM a bad name and leave a poor taste in most people’s mouths when they realize it’s not about a product or service but rather selling personal training products.

People who are seeking to save money on their household items are not necessarily looking for personal training dvds and seminars. And many get offended when they are persuaded to do so. I know I was one of them.

I’ve been there. I wanted to help people but I didn’t want to deceive anyone in the process. I wanted to help others with natural products that could really help them thrive with health and wellness and not just try and sell them a business Opportunity. But if they wanted it then they could get that, as well as a great product to use personally and help others do the same.

Think I am just pulling the wool over your eyes? I’ve been there. Selling motivational cds out of my car and telling people it’s about the opportunity and not just the products. I am ashamed to admit that I did that too.

When I discovered an honest company 6 years ago, who really wanted to help others gain better health and nutritional support without pushing a business on friends and family I felt so much better about the business part of the company. No deception. No pushing motivational speaking, seminars and cds and books. You can find any of those at your local book store or online market like Amazon.

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