Cooking with Essential Oils

Oh yes you can cook and bake with essential oils and if you are heating below 120 degrees you can even enjoy the medicinal benefits of the oil as well!

Here is a fabulous recipe for Marinara Sauce.  Most commercial brands of sauces like this are loaded full of MSG and sugar to enhance taste.  This recipe contains no added chemicals and can help support more healthy eating in your family.



10 tomatoes
1/2 medium onion
2 cloves garlic
1/2 small zucchini
1/2 small yellow squash
1 red pepper
1 small carrot
5 basil leaves
1 tsp. fresh rosemary
1/3 cup italian seasoning
2 tsp salt
2 drops DoTERRA Oregano Essential Oil
1 drop DoTERRA Basil Essential Oil
1 toothpick DoTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil
1 drop DoTERRA Black Pepper Essential Oil or 1/2 tsp ground pepper
1 TBSP Olive Oil

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Chop all vegetables in 1 inch pieces and place on a cookie sheet
  3. Mix Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper in a separate bowl, and sprinkle over the chopped vegetables
  4. Combine Oregano oil, Basil oil, Rosemary oil, and olive oil into a small bowl, and pour over vegetables
  5. Bake for 2-3 hours, or until all vegetables are soft and translucent
  6. When done, let cool, and grind up in a blender
  7. Warm on the stove as needed

Note:  you can ad extra seasonings if needed

Reiki Is Even Better When We Add Essential Oils


Reiki is a fabulous way to improve your health.  It can be even more beneficial when you add essential oils with it.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

The 7 Chakras or energy centers of the body can be assessed before the the session begins.  By doing this the practitioner can discover which chakra or chakras may be out of balance.

Image result for chakra

If you are feeling any of the following your Root Chakra May be out of balance:

Unclear of purpose

Oils that can help this area:


Oils can be applied topically or diffused while the reiki session is happening.

If you are feeling any of the following your Sacral Chakra may be out of balance:

Sexual Problems
Fear of Sexual or Emotional Intimacy
Needy or Withdrawn
Sexual Problems
Urinary Problems

Oils that can help this area:

Clary sage

If you are feeling any of the following your Solar Plexus Chakra may be out of balance:

Low Self-Esteem or Arrogant
Egotistical Behavior
Feeling Abandoned or Rejected or Feeling the World Revolves Around You
Difficulty Understanding or Controlling Emotions
Rebellious or Too Eager to Please
Nervous or Stressed Out
Addictive Behaviors – Including Eating Disorders
Digestive Problems
Chronic Fatigue

Oils that can help this area are:

Black Pepper
Ylang Ylang

If you are feeling any of the following your Heart Chakra May be out of balance:

Unable to Give or Receive Unconditional Love
Grief Stricken
Excessive Loneliness
Self Acceptance
Heart Disease
Lung Disease

Oils that can help this area are:

Ylang Ylang

If you are feeling any of the following your Throat Chakra May be out of balance:

Poor Communication Skills
Afraid to Speak Up/Represses feelings
Uncontrolled verbal outbursts
Shy or talks excessively
Unable to Listen
Self Expression
Sore throat
Neck and shoulder pains
Thyroid trouble

Oils that can help this area are:

Roman Chamomile
Cypress, Peppermint

If you are feeling any of the following your Third Eye Chakra May be out of balance:

Over Intellectualizing
Lacks intuition
Lacks common sense
Self reflection
Sleep/Dream/Nightmare Issues
Vision Problems, headaches

Oils that can help this area are:

Clary Sage

If you are feeling any the following your Crown Chakra May be out of balance:

Feelings of Unbalanced Spirituality
Excessive fear of death
Unclear of life or spiritual purpose
Feeling alone in the universe or Possessing a God-complex
Feeling unloved by or angry at our Creator
Self knowledge

Oils that can help this area are:


When experiencing serious or chronic physical or emotional health issue, it is my recommendation that you jump-start the healing process by scheduling three energy sessions within 10 days.  At that time we will re-assess how you feel and discuss your follow-up plan.

Packages are available at a discount for Reiki as well as my other services.

Call or schedule your next appointment conveniently on-line:




Are you Sick & Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Now for many of us we think that becoming healthier takes special products and LOTS of $$$$. It is simply not true.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text

Yes I have used a few products that have helped me to curb carb cravings and whole food vitamins and supplements that helped me to get the nutrients I was missing in my diet but that is really it. Let me show you how to make lifestyle changes that are simple and inexpensive that can help you achieve better health. Not just to lose weight but to learn how your body uses what you feed it. To learn why some things in your diet may be making you fat when you think they are healthy for you. I did not purchase a gym membership nor did I spend hundreds of dollars each month on powdered protein drinks or fat blockers. As I said, I used 1 oil blend and a vitamin/mineral & omega 3 supplement. A total of $65.80 a month. Or $2.19 a DAY. Was it worth it to lower my blood pressure and regain energy, among several other benefits? You bet it was!!! Natural, chemical free, stimulant free, whole food source. I have a bachelor in health and wellness and I can help you to learn how your habits could be keeping you sick and tired. No gimmicks. No magic results or quick fixes. When you give the body what it needs it has the ability to heal itself. Private message me or contact me at

You can even schedule a free private consult with me at my Hortonville office conveniently online.

If you already take a vitamin/mineral/omega 3 supplement make the switch and see the difference in how you feel. 30 day money back guarantee for these 3. And I am still on my journey. Have another 40 to go yet, but even if it takes me another 23.5 weeks I know I will keep it off for good. It won’t pile back on as soon as I stop using the oil blend or even if I stop using the supplements. I probably won’t feel as good without the supplements but I won’t need them to maintain my weight loss.

How Are YOU Feeling?

It’s true, essential oils can actually support our emotions.  There is scientific evidence that your sense of smell or the olfactory bulb is directly linked to your amygdala.  Your amygdala is an area of neurons in the brain that control memories and emotions.  Including the “fight or flight” response we get when we sense fear or in some cases think we are fearful when really we are not.

But smells are different. Before reaching your thalamus, they first wind their way through other regions of your brain, including areas controlling memory and emotion, the amygdala. So with scents, you have all this extra processing even before you have conscious awareness of the scent.*

In ancient times when we lived in the wild and there were tigers lurking around every corner waiting to pounce on us we needed to be able to kick into our “fight or flight” mode or be eaten.  This mode increases our heart rate and breathing in order to get more blood to the muscles so we can run for our lives. This also slows down digestion and other non-vital body functions until after the threat of the tiger passed and we were in a safe place.

Unfortunately, even though there are no tigers waiting outside of our home, when we are under stress our body responds as though the tiger is chasing us. Even when clearly it’s not, clearly we are safe from danger and bodily harm, but our body responds as though the tiger is there.  This can eventually make us very sick because our body is constantly sending out adrenaline that is making our heart beat faster all the time and our digestive system shut down.  Our food isn’t being digested properly so we don’t get the nutrients we need. Digestive disorders can begin.  Our heart has extra wear and blood pressure may rise and stay at that level.  We never calm our body.  We are never ending the fight or flight mode.

Now back to that amygdala area.  This area is the main spot where the “fear” of that tiger is housed.  In fact all of our fears and other emotions are here. When we feel fear or stress this area of the brain sends out signals that we need to fight or run away from danger.  What we smell can trigger this response – like smelling smoke in your house.

In turn, things we smell can calm us as well.  Sometimes these smells can trigger memories that are also housed in the amygdala.  Like smelling fresh baked bread may remind you of your grandmother baking bread when you were little.

The neurological substrates of olfaction are especially geared for associative learning (in your hippocampus) and emotional processing (in your amygdala).11Kate Fox explains it well in “The Smell Report”*

“Our olfactory receptors are directly connected to the limbic system, the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the seat of emotion. Smell sensations are relayed to the cortex, where ‘cognitive’ recognition occurs, only after the deepest parts of our brains have been stimulated. Thus, by the time we correctly name a particular scent as, for example, ‘vanilla,’ the scent has already activated the limbic system, triggering more deep-seated emotional responses.”*

Essential oils have hundreds and sometimes thousands of chemical components that can do different things.  Think of it as a tool box filled with special tools.  Each one can do certain things, like calm and ground you or working as an anti-inflammatory.  But when you put all of the tools together you can actually build a house with them all.  Instead of taking one component and making a synthetic form of it and adding it to your product to help with a specific thing – like stomach upset, the components are all left together in their natural form.  The components together in any one oil or blend can work together to support the entire body.  And the smell of one oil or blend release all of these components into your amygdala.  They can then calm this area and slow or stop the fight or flight response in it’s tracks.  Calming our fears or imaginary fears and in turn calming the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Below are some diffuser blends that can help with different feelings and emotions.  But you can also put a drop of oil in your hand and rub your palms together and breathe in deeply a few times.  Or use a diffuser necklace where drops of oil can be placed in the necklace to breathe in conveniently anywhere.

How Are You FEELING?




Hello and Happy June!!

Image result for SAVINGSJune is bursting with summer savings and promotions!
If you are ordering your oils with a standard order you are missing out on the monthly specials that DoTERRA offers.

DoTERRA Rewards their customers for loyalty.  Thanking them for using their products and helping them to build a strong community for all of their farmers, distillers and packaging specialists.  The Loyalty Rewards Program is really one of the best rewards programs out there.  Learn More About LRP Here!

Image may contain: 1 person, text
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With these powerful oils in this blend you can…..
Displaying .facebook_1496409234051.jpg
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This month it is TWO Products!!
These two are so beneficial to the digestive system.  If you have ever taken an anti-biotic in your lifetime then you NEED a probiotic for at least 1 month to help build up the good bacteria in your intestines.  Take it from me – who has studied nutrition – the powerful anti-biotics the medical industry has now not only destroy bad bacteria but they also wipe out the good bacteria we need to digest our food properly, and they do it quite quickly.
Anyone who has taken anti-acids or been prescribed Proton Pump Inhibitors on a long term basis need to realize that although it helps with things like acid reflux and Gerd when it does this it is lowering the acid in the stomach.  Acid is what digests our food and makes it available for the intestines to pull out the nutrients we need from our diet.  Without the food being properly broken down the body cannot get the nutrients out that it needs and undigested foods are passing into the colon.  This can cause gas and bloating but it can get more serious.  The colon pulls water and liquids out of the food passing through.  That is part of it’s job.  When it does this the food can become so dried out that it cannot move properly through the colon.  It can literally get stuck in areas and begin to ferment and can even cause serious disease. Constipation can also be a result of this.
Terrazyme are digestive enzymes that can help to break down the food so that a lower stomach acid content can digest the foods better.  So if you must take Proton Pump Inhibitors it can be very helpful to your system to use extra enzymes and probiotics to help break down the food.  You will get more nutrients out of your diet plus the bloating and gassy feeling may decrease as well.
Remember that everything listed here will be available to anyone who places a Loyalty Rewards Order.
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DIY Sun Screen

Do It Yourself Sunscreen


10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops Helichrysum Essential Oil

1 tbsp jojoba oil

3/4 C coconut oil

2 tbsp Non-nano Zinc Oxide

2 tbsp shea butter

Glass Jar

DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients except zinc oxide and essential oils in a jar. Place a saucepan with 2 inches of water on stove over medium/low heat. Place jar in saucepan and stir contents until ingredients start to melt.

Once all ingredients are combined, add in zinc oxide and essential oils and stir well. Store in a cool place.


Good Afternoon!!

The month of May has brought a mixture of weather which has brought bugs, allergies and even fungus.  Yuck!
Image result for no chemicals

How can you combat all of these without using toxic chemicals?

Easy!  We use essential oils!
There are so many oils that can help to repel pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mice, ants, spiders….etc.
Did you know that equal parts of Lemon Lavender and Peppermint can help with that stuffy nose and clogged sinuses caused by pollen and dust?
Image result for essential oils for seasonal threats
It’s true.  A 10 ml roller bottle of this blend, when applied to sinus areas and reflex points twice a day, can last 10-12 weeks!!
With a Wholesale Membership the oils for this 10 ml blend would be $2.72 plus about a dollar for the roller bottle (sold at many online locations).  Keep in mind this roller ball will last for 10-12 weeks when using twice per day.

Much more economical than typical over-the-counter support for allergies.

Contact me to learn how you can enjoy a wholesale membership – there is no obligation to order monthly or to sell anything.

To make your 10 ml bottle therapeutic and a dilution that is safe and effective for long term use you will need the following:

1 – 10 ml roller bottle (can be found at many places on-line)

6 drops DoTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

6 drops DoTERRA Lemon Essential Oil

6 drops DoTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil


Fill remainder of bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil (or other carrier oil – be sure it is an oil that has small molecules that absorb into the skin easily and help to absorb the essential oils. Avoid vegetable oils)


Did you know that Melaleuca (tea tree oil) is a powerful anti-fungal essential oil?  There is also a wonderful Cleansing blend that is already blended for purchase that can destroy odors in one use!  I’m not kidding here.  2 years ago our dog got sprayed by a skunk, twice within weeks of each other.  We used just 2 drops of the blend in ONE dog shampoo and the smell was completely gone!  Imagine what it can do for smelly shoes, gym bags, pet odors and more!  It can help with fungal growth as well, like shower stalls, window frames, washing machines.  And again, no toxic chemicals or ingredients.  You mix the blend with water and vinegar and spray on areas you wish to clean.  It’s that simple.

Image result for picture of doterra lemon oils with a spray bottle


Cleaning out a grimy microwave caked with stains or a refrigerator full of mysterious sticky residue is not a fun job. However, stains, spills, and other residue will soon be replaced with the lovely scent of Lemon essential oil with this simple Refrigerator and Microwave Cleaner DIY.

 What once was a dreaded chore will soon be a simple task with a little help from vinegar, hot water, and doTERRA Lemon oil. Not only will this DIY save you time, but you’ll also smell the refreshing scent of Lemon each time you open the fridge or microwave.


Soft Scrub for Bath, Tile, and Toilet
Make in small batches and store in an airtight container. This is enough for two to four applications. This soft scrub is excellent for getting rid of soap scum, removing stains, and brightening your tile and toilet. To use, just apply and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then scrub. Once done scrubbing, take a wet cloth and wipe clean.
3/4 rounded cup baking soda
1/4 cup liquid castile soap
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon vinegar
Editor’s note: Liquid castile soap is a vegetable-based soap commonly found in health food stores. Dr. Bronner’s is a popular one. Look for unscented. This scrub is also great to use to help clean your kitchen sink, refrigerator, or tile floors.
  1. In bowl, combine baking soda and castile soap.
  2. Add water and stir.
  3. Add vinegar and essential oil. The consistency should be a soft paste.
  4. Store in airtight container.
  5. Add ingredients directly to partially drained bowl. As it reacts, scrub toilet.

Search for more recipes at:

Editors note:  You may want to look for witch hazel that is alcohol free if you will be spraying this directly onto the skin.


Find more great tips and tricks on my facebook page or find me on Pinterest!


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