Does the mention of a “Business Opportunity” make you want to run the other way?


Are you tired of outdated MLM businesses that offer compensation based for their own private motivational and promotion products? No real product is concentrated on but more so the “opportunity” or the buying and selling of motivational materials or self help materials that have nothing to really do with the product they originally said they were offering?
You begin buying toilet paper online only to eventually be selling motivational cd’s and videos out of your car to the 1% of business builders in the world.
Unfortunately these types of businesses give all MLM a bad name and leave a poor taste in most people’s mouths when they realize it’s not about a product or service but rather selling personal training products.

People who are seeking to save money on their household items are not necessarily looking for personal training dvds and seminars. And many get offended when they are persuaded to do so. I know I was one of them.

I’ve been there. I wanted to help people but I didn’t want to deceive anyone in the process. I wanted to help others with natural products that could really help them thrive with health and wellness and not just try and sell them a business Opportunity. But if they wanted it then they could get that, as well as a great product to use personally and help others do the same.

Think I am just pulling the wool over your eyes? I’ve been there. Selling motivational cds out of my car and telling people it’s about the opportunity and not just the products. I am ashamed to admit that I did that too.

When I discovered an honest company 6 years ago, who really wanted to help others gain better health and nutritional support without pushing a business on friends and family I felt so much better about the business part of the company. No deception. No pushing motivational speaking, seminars and cds and books. You can find any of those at your local book store or online market like Amazon.

Interested in learning more about the MOST TESTED and MOST TRUSTED essential oils in the world?
~ Want to help others with products that are being tested in studies of main stream hospitals and research centers like John’s Hopkins?
~ Work with the #1 Network Marketing Company in the United States and #10 Worldwide in 2017.
~ Projected to hit 200 BILLION in Sales in 2018. FYI – This is 1/2 of Walmart’s worth.
~ 100% of the population can use essential Oils
~ 73 percent of the general population looks to natural products to improve their health.
~ 51 percent of the general population has used essential oils.
~ EVERY person can get the SAME discounts and FREE products that I do and there is NO REQUIREMENT or pressure to sell anything or pursue any type of business. – How would your friends like that? Great prices, Great Products, no monthly orders and no strings attached!
** With the ACTUAL ability to expand your business endlessly?
** A retention rate of over 90% in the last 4 years.

Read more below and/or pm me to find out more!

Business Opportunity

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