Half Way There!!

Well it took me a bit to recover this week and had two big events going on so that took much of my time!

The dr. opted to give me a bag of fluids on Friday last week and it really seemed to help me get over the exhaustion.  So I may be doing that weekly for a bit.

Even tho I try and drink 1/2 my weight in water every day it just wasn’t enough.  I am retaining water from the steroids like mad and look like a blowfish.  Ugh!  But my blood work has been good and the side effects not so bad.

Fun fact – Chemo puts you into menopause whether you want to go or not or are even old enough for it!  So the hot flashes got really bad last week – however, I realized I had not been drinking my 1/2 cup of essiac tea daily for a Image result for essiac tea

week and realized this could be why.  Back on the tea for 2 days and the hot flashes are much better controlled.  Still get warm but at least it’s not waking me up every hour of the night!  And I found an oil blend that helps with it too.  Small victories!

I made it to the two concerts this week but Sunday and Monday I sorta paid for it with fatigue.  Was just too tired to do much of anything.  Church was very hard to not sleep through.  But the concerts were so much fun and now I can say I have experienced Summerfest.

Thinking of joining a support group that meets every other month at the center so that may help too with the nasty bloating feeling.  Just feel kinda ugly lately.  But I still have my hair – I am so thankful I don’t have a bald head to remind me of all this daily.

Caffeine is becoming my friend to help battle the exhaustion – don’t judge.

If you are not busy on the next three thursdays let me know – I may need some company at the chemo sessions.  4 more of the basic taxol treatments to go then a dose dense 4 treatments with AC (different drugs) at the end for 4 treatments every other week.  My hope is that I will do ok in September at the doterra conference on my off week.  We will see.  It’s a long drive but is more recommended than flying is right now so I am willing even if I’m not able lol.

Eyebrows are still there although some have mutinied but I am having dreams I lost them totally and then I don’t have an eyebrow pencil to draw them in.  Good grief!   My buddy said just use a sharpie.  Reminds me of the days when people passed out drunk and someone would shave off one of their eyebrows or part of a mustache and then they would use a sharpie to draw it back in.  Fun times.  And no I was not the one getting shaved back then.

I really think I am not anemic yet (common side effect) because of the vitamins and supplements I have been using.  I will be going to a natural doc. on Friday to see about vitamin infusions – these can help the cancer fight but also the fatigue.  Plus it boosts immunity which I need right now.

Mouth sores are common during this whole process too and I have been fortunate until now – the corners of my mouth are cracking a bit so I’ve been using the correct x ointment on it and it seems to be helping – I hope.  I don’t need the face of a teenager!  Acne is common too – yeah, yay me!  Who wants to dress me up, put on some makeup and go out and look cute for a bit?  Tired of feeling blah or what is the emoji?  Meh?  Yeah that’s me right now.

So tomorrow is #9 and I have 2 wonderful ladies joining me.  So glad people want to spend time watching me sleep and getting me warm blankies.  I know it sounds boring and it probably is, but I am so thankful some of you want to do that.  It means a lot to me.

Watch for Dash’s pics tomorrow – he’s such a camera ham.  Poor Al has to photo bomb just to get in a picture.


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