The current health situation in the world has probably changed many plans that everyone had set up for March.

I had set some goals for my business for March.
One of those goals was to help a certain number of families to begin learning and enjoying the benefits of essential oils in their home. With the current advisory for social distancing my informative classes I had set up for March & April quickly became either postponed or rescheduled as online classes.

Yes this has made things a bit more difficult, but not impossible, as the essential oils I work with are easy to use and learn about on-line with downloads from our fantastic website.

Here’s my dilemma though, with this difficulty I have fallen behind on my goal of helping families. I have two days to help 3 more families to begin using essential oils in their own home.
This is where I could use some help….

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I will be offering a HUGE promotion for those who have opened a wholesale account with me in March. That’s right! For those of you who have already opened an account this month you will receive the same HUGE promo that the next 3 families have available to them!

ON top of all the extras you normally receive for opening your account with me that are listed on http://www.dreamsofjeanne.com/purchase-pure-essential-oils/ – when you enroll in the next 2 days with any 100pv order you will also receive:
🎁 $100 in FREE essential oils!!

All you need is the promo code.
Email, call or private message me (BEFORE 8 pm Central time March 31st) and I will get you started on your journey to supporting your health & wellness.
FREE education and support available for you to learn at your own pace.

To receive your $100 in FREE essential oils…..
👉 You MUST have the promo code
👉You MUST enroll before March 31st @ 8pm Central time

👉 When you refer someone you know and they open their own wholesale account before March 31st @ 8pm central time YOU will receive a FREE essential oil too!!

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