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Image result for SAVINGSJune is bursting with summer savings and promotions!
If you are ordering your oils with a standard order you are missing out on the monthly specials that DoTERRA offers.

DoTERRA Rewards their customers for loyalty.  Thanking them for using their products and helping them to build a strong community for all of their farmers, distillers and packaging specialists.  The Loyalty Rewards Program is really one of the best rewards programs out there.  Learn More About LRP Here!

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Here is what you can earn when you place a 200 PV Loyalty Rewards order on or before June 15th….
25% off all products 
10-30% of points back on every LRP order – to cash-in on your choice of free product
100% Shipping reimbursement in points to use toward free products
FREE 5 ml Serenity Product of the Month .  Calming Blend to help with sleep and balance emotions. (free with any LRP order of 125pv or more)
FREE 10 ml Roller bottle of Immortelle – $92 Retail Value!!
With these powerful oils in this blend you can…..
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And on top of all this DoTERRA offers a product at 10% off each month too!
This month it is TWO Products!!
These two are so beneficial to the digestive system.  If you have ever taken an anti-biotic in your lifetime then you NEED a probiotic for at least 1 month to help build up the good bacteria in your intestines.  Take it from me – who has studied nutrition – the powerful anti-biotics the medical industry has now not only destroy bad bacteria but they also wipe out the good bacteria we need to digest our food properly, and they do it quite quickly.
Anyone who has taken anti-acids or been prescribed Proton Pump Inhibitors on a long term basis need to realize that although it helps with things like acid reflux and Gerd when it does this it is lowering the acid in the stomach.  Acid is what digests our food and makes it available for the intestines to pull out the nutrients we need from our diet.  Without the food being properly broken down the body cannot get the nutrients out that it needs and undigested foods are passing into the colon.  This can cause gas and bloating but it can get more serious.  The colon pulls water and liquids out of the food passing through.  That is part of it’s job.  When it does this the food can become so dried out that it cannot move properly through the colon.  It can literally get stuck in areas and begin to ferment and can even cause serious disease. Constipation can also be a result of this.
Terrazyme are digestive enzymes that can help to break down the food so that a lower stomach acid content can digest the foods better.  So if you must take Proton Pump Inhibitors it can be very helpful to your system to use extra enzymes and probiotics to help break down the food.  You will get more nutrients out of your diet plus the bloating and gassy feeling may decrease as well.
Remember that everything listed here will be available to anyone who places a Loyalty Rewards Order.
If the order is a standard one-time order you will receive
25% off your order
if the order is 200pv or more you will receive a FREE Immortelle blend
The other offers and FREE points will not be available to you.
If you have any questions give me a call or message me.  I can help you get the most benefits from your membership!
Membership is only $35 for the first year and to renew is only $25 each year after and you receive a FREE bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil – Retail value of $28.
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