Last surgery

Tomorrow at 1:20 will be my reduction surgery in Madison.

Went off oxys to try and control pain with OTC and was having a REALLY bad time.  By Tuesday I broke down and they put me on tramadol and upped the gabapentin.  Both make you tired.  So I have spent most of the last 3 days sleeping.

Tim has been so great setting an alarm to get my meds when i needed them.   Thank God for him cause this nerve pain in my right armpit and arm is just killin me.

I hope it all goes good tomorrow but I am planning that the rest of December may be very slow and low key since the first surgery has not gone so well the last 2 weeks.

Hopefully I wont be too loopy so I can catch up on some of my reading.

Becca will have the tree decorated when I get home so I am excited!

Emy bought Linkin A Christmas sweater with little bells on it.  He likes it.  Silly dog.

Do me a favor…..if you know of anyone who wants to get in on the FREE Frankincense this month send them this link so they can enroll without having to wait on me.  Plus they won’t miss out on the contest for the free turmeric & myrrh if they order by the 15th.  Just want to help as many as I can to ebjoy free oils even tho I can’t help them personally right now.

Purchase doTERRA Essential Oils

Have a great weekend.  See you next week.  Hopefully I will be at the 2 make n take classes next week and I can see you there.


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