I apologize for the long lapse in posts.  I am just now finally getting caught up with social media.

The first surgery on Nov 21st to remove lump and lymph was not to bad.  I was still very sore when I went in for the 2nd surgery to do a reduction.

I feel like a 7th grader again as I think Im a B cup now vs DDD BUT it is me so I dont mind the size change.

I am down to only 3-4 tramadol for pain daily.  I am controlling pain with advil, tylenol and copaiba oil.  I have been spraying the owie spray on the wounds and incisions.

So far I have 3 fairly sized wounds where breast meets chest under each one.  They tell me this is normal and I just need to keep it clean and avoid infections.  Even the water from the shower is excruciating for me.  So showers are slow and painful.  But on the plus side I am using warm water to wash my hair as no more of it is falling out! I am not sure if the curl will still be there tho.  I am crossing my fingers it will be.

Riding in a car (bumps) is NOT pleasant and I have only been to the dr 2 times since dec 15th as far as trips out of the house.  I am finally up to typing and writing while I sit and recover.  Catching up on old partridge family shows.  Reminds me of my childhood and my david Cassidy crush lol.

Right now I can get in and out of bed.  Make a cup of coffee.  Put on robe and slippers.  Toilet and wash fairly good in a shower.  And type and thats about it.  Everything else Tim has been helping me with.  He even gets up in the middle of the night to give me ibuprofen.  He has to take care of kids without me too.  I am sure he is exhausted.  And the weight of our finances is a burden on him as well.  He just tells me to focus on me and he’ll do the rest.  It is hard not to feel guilty.  I never imagined that my husband would be my nurse.

Sadly I have to cancel a morning class next Tuesday as I will not be physically able to do it.  My goal is to be prepared for a big class on the 12th and go from there.  Adding a little each day.

I know this may sound odd but I can’t wait until I can shave my legs AND wax my furry mammoth brows.

Tomorrow I see surgeon for follow up.  And a social worker to apply for another grant.  Pray for good results please.

Next week is appt with radiologist to discuss radiation recommendations from the pathology report.  Not really looking forward to that.

Someone on my cancer fb group described it like this:

Cancer is a tree that may have widespread branches.

Chemotherapy kills the tree and branches.

Lumpectomy removes the tree.

Radiation removes the stump and roots.

Thank you for all your prayers and those who have given me wonderful gifts along the way.

I will try and be more up to date with things in the future.

Please pray for my husband.  He has been through so much and has given so much to help me recover.  If anyone could do something for him I would so greatly appreciate it because for the last 6 weeks I have been unable to be there for him or my children.  He’s done it all and taken off of work to do this.  So many thanks to Ken Bartel who graciously offered to combine for a day.  There is still more in the fields but Tim has been here taking care of me.

My heart aches for him and all he’s given up for me.

Thank you dear friends.

May this be a new year with improved changes.  With many great things ahead.

Talk soon.



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