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Hey there!  This will be one of many posts.

I was asked to do a speaking engagement at a doterra product training last week and go over my cancer journey with my doterra products and many people enjoyed learning how to help their families and loved ones with cancer journey’s of their own.

I enjoyed it so much and was asked if I would share more in depth what I used over the last 7 months and continue to use now.  So here is the beginning.

My plan was to do this earlier this week but Chemo decided to rear it’s ugly head on Monday and not cooperate with me very well.  I had what I call a chemo hangover for 4 days and had such a headache i could barley function as well as being really sick to my stomach.  Now that I am finally feeling better with the hope I will continue to improve because I should not need anymore chemo from now on.  I just have to continue to flush it out of my system.  I could not see any clients this week so paying rent the next few weeks will be rather difficult as I have other bills to pay too.  Tim has been very supportive and we are struggling to make ends meet right now.  But I just keep praying and HE just keeps helping us little by little to get us by.  My fear is going to be a huge co-payment we will owe at the end of all this.  I see the surgeon next monday to see what type of surgery is recommended and to see which one I can live with.  It will most likely take place in November sometime and I may end up having to take off a month or more depending on the surgery I have.  Not sure how that will go but it is what it is.

I had a terrific visit on my last chemo with my friend of over 24 years.  She took the day off work so she could spend the whole time with me.  It meant so much to me.  Her heart is so big and I hope I can be more like her as my future goes along.  The nurses nearly made me cry by signing a certificate for me and clapping when I rang the bell.  They do so much more than just administer drugs and help you with cold capping.

Do you know that it was 2 days before Charley’s graduation party and I realized during chemo I had forgotten to order a cake.  I began to cry and I was so mad at this whole cancer crap for robbing me of my memory even more.  This was something I should have remembered!  How could I forget???  I told the nurse when she saw me crying that it was probably to late to get a cake now and she asked me where I would go for the cake so I told her and she said maybe we can call and see if they can do the order over the phone.  She then took her time and actually called the store and when she returned she said “it’s all ok, they put you down as ordering a cake for saturday and all you need to do is call them or stop in and tell them what color and size you want and they said you can email them a picture if you like for it.”  She didn’t have to do that but she did.  She cared that much.  I cried harder because I was just so thankful.  So if you know the chemo nurses please tell them how important they are.  They go way above and beyond.  I will never forget that.  And yes we got the cake and it looked terrific and tasted awesome!

And my husband, oh where do I start…..

He goes out of his way to let me have my time for rest and makes me meals when I don’t feel like making any food and when most of it just nausiates me anyway.  He even ran to hardees for me on the last chemo day because the food they had from the deli just smelled awful to me.  He doesn’t treat me like I am some kind of burden even though I feel like one often just because that is how I am. I never wanted to have people take care of me but I am now learning how to do that.  I guess it is a lesson I need to learn.

Here is the first oil blend I used after this whole thing started back in April when they had me put a port in.  This is done because chemo is very hard on the veins and can actually collapse them and it can be very painful to put any liquid in them after awhile.  So this is a small triangle mesh and silicone device that you put the iv needle into and it has a small tube that runs to a main blood vessel in my neck.  This works handy for any iv not just the chemo.  Below is a picture of what it looks like in a cup (this was someone else’s that was removed) My hope is that mine will be removed in the net month or so. It is not painful but is just uncomfortable and pulls on muscle tissue.  Creeps me out.

The next picture is a collage of the day I had the port put in surgically and the next one is a pic of 6 days later after I had put the Immortelle blend of oils on the site 3-4 times per day.  This blend can help to reduce scarring and wrinkles as well as help to repair skin.  The last picture is what it looks like today – you can barely see the two entry points. It’s a bit red from a bandaid from the fluids I had Wednesday.   I applied this right on the incisions and it didn’t’ hurt at all when I did so.  No burning or stinging either.  It does come in a roller so if you do use this then you may not want to be sharing it with others or using it on your face.  Just purchase another one to do that.  Yes the oils are hard to source so the blend is a bit more pricey but is affordable for how much is in the 10ml roller.  The roller will last 6-8 weeks applying this way.  So it is well worth it.  When you see the results you will understand just how valuable this blend is.

Keep an eye out for more updates on some products you just may enjoy or be able to pass it along to someone who needs it too!


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