Oh Ice Pack, you are my friend, my buddy, my pal…..

On Friday Dec. 7th I took a very sore body to the operating room again.  This time to do a reduction.  Even though I was a DDD they did have to take out a rather large area of over 5cm from the left side.  For the first week it didn’t look so bad and they seemed to look the same size.  After the swelling began to go down I noticed that there was quite the divot appearing in the left breast.  And the surgeon said it would be more pronounced the more the swelling went down and once I started radiation as radiation can shrink the tissue a LOT.   I see the radiologist next week to go over the plan for that up here in Appleton.

So I sat in the pre-op having the anesthesiologist telling me that there is no other format they can do for this for my type of surgery.  So….I go through a painful marking procedure – with a green sharpie marker, not kidding – as he marks over some of the incisions I had from the surgery from 2 weeks before.

I go in to surgery at about 1:40 (that’s the last I remember anyway) for a 3 hour surgery.  Tim say’s it didn’t take that long and dr was out to talk to him around 3:45 or so.  I don’t remember anything until about 5:30.  I remember bits and pieces after that until about 11:30pm.  I was in so much pain that I didn’t sleep much all night.  BUT I felt ok enough to go home the next day!  which was a plus.  I had a drain tube sticking out of each side of the rib area and they went to little containers as big as my fist that I had to pin to my compression bra.  Still lots of leakage in left incisions areas, even today after they took out my drains.  But without the drains now the swelling will really be going wild.  So ice is my buddy for awhile now.

From Saturday til today I was in a lot of pain.  Oxy’s didn’t really help at all except to make me sick to my stomach and make me sleep.  So after much issue with dr and pharmacy they put me back on tramadol instead.  I was a basket case.  Once in awhile I could put on some oils on my incision areas when I changed bras but that was about all I could manage.  So Tim became my nanny and nurse.  Literally.  He put all my meds (had alieve and tylenol and gabapenton too) in a pill sorter.  He would set an alarm and wake me up at 11pm, 3am and 6 am to make sure I got all the doses of whatever was due at that time. Wasn’t hungry sometimes and that made my stomach hurt more and had to take something so constipation didn’t take over as some of the meds cause that to happen too!  UGH!

I am hoping to sleep in my bed again and maybe the pain will be better as time goes on and I get more sleep.  Recliners do not make good beds.

Now they told me to use anti-bacterial gel on my incisions – like neosporin.  So I will be using doTERRA’s CorrectX on it 2-3x a day.  You didn’t think I would use OTC stuff and not doTERRA did you?

I will also be using Frankincense again on my chest to help with inflammation and it can be used as something to shrink tumors – just sayin.  And of course I will use the immortelle blend around scar tissue to help reduce it.

Will have to have Tim take some “before” pictures tonight when I change my dressings again.

I missed a LOT of events over the last 4 weeks so I hope I can begin to get out more in the next 2 weeks.  But it may be until January before I really feel like it.  At least I hope so as I have a class scheduled for the first Saturday in January!  I see the plastic surgeon next Thursday as long as there is no sign of infection before then.

Time to change my ice pack again.

Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts I really appreciate them.  I know that’s why I am feeling better.  Today was a really rough day as it is the anniversary of my mother’s death.  She has been gone for 26 years now.  I still remember the day like it was yesterday but like I said on facebook I feel sad because she has missed out on so much that has happened here.  She got to see Jasmyne for a few minutes because when I was released from the hospital she was just coming out of surgery to put a trachea tube in because the tumor in her throat was cutting off her ability to breathe.  The day she was born was the last day I heard my mothers voice over the phone.  2 days later she was trying to nod and smile while she looked at her new little granddaughter.  She would never open her eyes again after that.  13 days later she would leave here and go on to paradise.  I so wish she would have been able to see and play with all 6 of her grandchildren, to see my wedding, to give me insight during this journey but that is not what was supposed to happen.

So thank you for the prayers.  They really helped me today.  I felt more calm then I have in awhile.

Talk soon.


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