On the mend

Well I reacted to surgery just as expected.  Took me about 90 minutes to be able to have a conversation and because of that they couldn’t give me the pain killers that help with muscle relaxers so the pain was pretty bad for most of Thanksgiving day.  Ended up staying an extra day.

So far no pathology report yet but they removed one lymph on each side under the arm.  I have a good 3″ incision on each side.  Hurts like hell.  Been putting immortelle on all 5 incisions 3-4x a day and they look fairly good.

They removed the port and that hurts pretty bad too.  But I’m glad its out.

The wires they inserted around the tumors didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the 20 mammograms I had to do while they placed them!  It was awful.  Then they numb your breast skin with ice for 90 seconds and then inject blue radioactive dye under the skin.  Yes ouch.  And wait fir it to go to lymph.  Guess what?  It didnt go there so they inject more.  Then by this time its 130 and I need to start surgery by 230.  I get a girl who has NO TRAINING on how to take back areas from radiology to surgery and she leaves me in one very busy area while she goes to ask directions then by the time she gets back I am grabbing a nurse begging her to get me out of the main traffic hallway after I sent Tim to find me someone who knew what they were doing! Who leaves a patient in a wheelchair in a freekin hallway to go ask for directions???

I was a sobbing mess when I got back as so many things I was told were NOT the way they had stated.

Then a great anesthesiologist assistant gave me iv drugs, fentanyl was mentioned, and the nerve block around my spine wasnt so painful.  I remember it being 2:44 in the OR and then I was back in the original room and I think it was after 6:30

I felt bad cause I didnt get to talk much with Jasmyne and Josh or with Sarah and her daughter.  They all drove a long  way to be there for me and I was not able to be coherent enough to chat much.

Came home Friday and still having a hard time with the lymph incisions.  Advil and tylenol dont even touch it but I have been able to keep up with fluids and supplements.  Very tired and very irritable.  Not looking forward to another surgery in 10 days.

I just pray pathology comes back with clear margins.

Hubby and kids are trying to cook for me, help me with showers, pick up stuff I drop and keep linkin from jumping on me.  Thank goodness i dont have to leave the house until Thursday.  Can’t drive while taking meds either so I’ll have a chauffeur for awhile.

I dont know how some women do this as outpatient.  I admire their strength.

Please pray for positive pathology report.


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  1. I’ve been thinking of you. Sorry your having pain. Thank God for family. Take care and no news is good news. I’ll continue with my prayers.

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