Personalized Guide to Natural Remedies

Do you want personalized help applying the 8 Keys to Natural Remedies, you discovered in my book into your own home?

Then you have come to the right place!

Whether you are seeking support during cancer treatment or just want to create a healthier lifestyle this program will be a strong guide and benefit for you.

Trying to find natural treatments to help beat your breast cancer?

You have breast cancer, besides being terrified, what do you do now? Have you been bombarded with advice on natural options to fight your cancer? Maybe you have googled for help only to find that some options that sounded good, but wondered if they were a scam? Is anything natural even worth it? Or maybe you are like the author and found so many options that you have anxiety just trying to figure out which one’s are right for you! Author Jeanne Gehrke spent the summer of 2018 navigating through chemotherapy but desperately wanted to fight it naturally.

Her experience will help you navigate through what is fact & what is fiction when it comes to fighting breast cancer. In this book, you will learn how to…

  • Manage chemo side effects naturally.
  • Figure out what’s a scam and what’s genuinely worth pursuing
  • Naturally boost the immune system during chemo.
  • Do everything you can to make sure the cancer won’t come back.

And most of all…..

  • Apply the NUMBER ONE KEY to fighting YOUR cancer and creating the wellness you desire.

Purchase her program to have personalized support from her. Begin learning how easy and affordable it is to fight your cancer naturally. Learn from someone who’s been in your shoes & has done the navigating for you.

The 8 week program will include:

  • 1 on 1 personalized chats with Jeanne each week. (total of 8)
  • Weekly videos detailing each of the 8 keys to fighting your cancer
  • 3 month supply of nutritional supplements to fight chemo side effects while boosting your immune system, support emotions, hormones, digestive system and sleep. (please check with your medial provider before using any supplements)
  • 3 month supply of Total Nutrition Pack containing *Non-GMO, Gluten & Soy FREE – ALL NATURAL 21gm protein mixes naturally sweetened with monk fruit & stevia (Vegan option available), *NATURAL Fiber mix and *Gluten Free, Vegan Greens
  • Starter kit to help you remove toxins from your personal care and your cleaning cabinet
  • Educational classes to download – including Reflexology, Reiki, Essential Oils and more!
  • 25% discount on all nutritional supplements for up to 9 months after the program ends.
  • One FREE autographed paper back copy of Jeanne’s book, Fighting Breast Cancer.

Begin your journey to Wellness and SAVE OVER 20% during my pre-launch period!

Please be sure to include your birth date in the comments section of your order.

Normally $1299
YOU SAVE: $300!

Here are some responses to Jeanne’s book:

ORIHULA 5 out of 5 stars

Heartfelt, encouraging, and positiveThe book was released this morning and was read throughout the day. I didn’t know why I was compelled to purchase this book and then my sweet daughter in law received the diagnosis of breast cancer . I plan on sharing this positive and encouraging book with her and hope she will be as moved and empowered as you. Your faith is amazing and I appreciate that you are not afraid to address the importance of prayer, faith and trust in God..
Thank you for your honest and heartfelt book.

Karen Larson
 5 out of 5 stars

A must read book! As a breast cancer survivor, I found so much in Jeanne’s book that rang true for me. I also, found some great advice to take with me to improve my life and keep cancer at Bay.

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