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Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature’s most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Receive a FREE membership that includes 25% off every purchase when you open your Wholesale Account with a fabulous starter kit of oils and diffusers!  Many available to fit your personal needs. 

DoTERRA Home Essentials Enrollment Kit + Wholesale Membership Oils FREE FRANK

What is an Essential Oil?

You have the option of purchasing essential oils and products one of 2 ways:

Retail:  Pay full retail price conveniently on-line from a secure website and have your order ship directly to your home.

Wholesale Membership:  Preferred Option – See Below…..

25% off retail prices
Reimbursement of shipping fees
Ships directly to your home
Shop conveniently on-line at your private secure website
No obligation to order monthly.  Minimum purchases Not required
Waive the enrollment fee of $35 when you purchase a starter kit

Enjoy 25% discount for an entire year with your wholesale membership!

No minimum orders or sales required.

  • PM me to get started. I can help you get all the benefits here. Or if you read all the guidelines in the link here you can go to my website and Open a Wholesale Account there. Only takes 5 minutes!
    This Promo Can be applied to Enrollment orders as well!!

As well as the Option to:
Earn up to 30% of all orders in product points to use toward free products
Free Product of the month
Added discounts and promotions offered each month
No added fees for the Loyalty Rewards Program

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program?

$35 for the first year of membership – fee is waived when qualified enrollment kit is purchased.

$25 annually each year thereafter and receive a FREE bottle of Peppermint Oil – retail value $27.33

Shop retail or open a wholesale account here and save $ now!

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