Surgery will be Wednesday.  We will be going to Madison tomorrow night because I have to check in at 6:15.  

It appears that it will take over 4 hours to insert the marking wires around both tumors.  I am so hoping that they give me some good pain killers before they do this.

Surgery will be approximately from 2-430 pm.  And they should be removing the port too.  Can’t wait to get rid of it!

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and all 6 kids were home with son in law and a family friend.  As I said the prayer I couldn’t help but cry because I said maybe thats why the cancer came because without it that dinner wouldn’t be so special with all of us together at one table.  Well, Adam didnt want to sit and I wasnt gonna force him but he still came in the kitchen for some soda lol.

So many prayers from friends and family and so many wonderful gifts from those who care.  It overwhelms me how caring people are.

The neuropathy is still going strong in my arms and hands but the hot flashes are better.  AND my hair finally stopped shedding last week!  It has been 6 weeks since my last chemo.

After surgeries are over I will need to work on all the weight I gained from chemo.  While I do radiation. I was feeling discouraged that I gained back all the weight I lost last year  then my friend said “imagine how youd feel now if you hadn’t lost that weight when you did”.  She’s right.  I’d be feeling really crappy right now.  Again everything I have been doing over the last 5 years was to prepare for this bump in the road.

On a plus side even though I had to temporarily close my office my doterra business has been growing.  ALOT.  In the last few weeks.  God has really blessed me.

Now I just pray for courage for Wednesday.

Ill be back as soon as I recover from 1st surgery.  Reduction will be on December 7th.

Thank you for all the positive thoughts.  I can feel them all!

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