The Incredible Shrinking Tumor….

Had an ultrasound this last week to check my progress.  I will have a total of 16 chemo treatments.   (I am on number 14 next week)

The first ultrasound was at #6 and this last one was at #12.

The ultrasound on Tuesday, June 26th showed a tumor size of 16 x 11 x 20 mm.

The ultrasound on Tuesday, August 14th showed a tumor size of 14 x 8 x 20mm

Not a huge amount of shrinkage in 7 weeks but I will take it!  I don’t think the dr is looking for total disappearance of the tumor by the end of September but it should be much smaller.  Considering it started out 5 cm longer to begin with.

The first AC was a bit nerve wracking but there were no huge issues.  I felt very drained for 3 days after it though.  Had to get a driver for my fluid appointment (ha ha like I’m getting my windshield wiper fluid checked) and for my oils class we had.  So glad I didn’t have to miss either of these due to two great friends who offered to drive!

The neulesta shot hurt really bad!  Other ladies tell me to have them inject it slower and it won’t hurt as much.  So far the bone pain is very slight so hopefully it will not get any worse than this, as they tell me I have to have a shot after each of the next 3 chemo treatments.  Ugh!

I see the doctor thursday the 23rd to check my blood numbers and hope for the best.  Soon I will be meeting with the surgeon again to discuss options after we get a final MRI of chemo results.

I am nervous about the Utah trip for doterra convention.  I got my ticket months ago and plan it every year but this has thrown a wrench into my plans.  I will be leaving between the 15th and 16th treatments.  So not sure how I will be feeling and hoping for a smooth drive to Utah.  The nausea has been a bit worse with these drugs vs the taxol combo but am able to control it with meds, acupressure (yes I got to see the theda care natural doc) and eating small meals every few hours.  So far no vomiting which is a plus!  I have had some muscle type issues with my colon and not sure what is causing it but for you ladies who have had a baby, do you remember the pressure you felt in that area when you were giving birth?  yeah, that kinda describes it pretty well except there is no definite end to the pain.  Had to take some pain killers to get to sleep with it.  Hoping it will not come back again as this was the second time.

But back to the natural doc.  It was soooooo nice to be informed that I am doing a lot of the things she recommends already!  Even though I didn’t’ need them she gave me some reflexology points to help with nausea, hot flashes and neuropathy.  Imagine that huh?  Also she recommended the ginger oil and other supplements I am using too.  Made me feel good to have a doctor who knew what I was talking about and was recommending it all too!

My chiropractor is helping with the hip and leg pain I have had and it is tolerable now.  Just not going for jogs or long walks any time soon.

Fair should be fun.  If it’s not fun in the booth I can always go home so if I miss you there just fill out a “sorry I missed you” slip and put it into the cute box Charley made for us and I will get back to you after the fair.  I will not be there tomorrow as we take Charley to school for move in.  Summer went so fast and now off she goes to dorm life.  I am nervous but hope all will go well for her.  Still trying to remember everything we need and probably will forget something important.  Too bad she can’t take Fawn with her.  But no animals allowed.  Darn.

If you see me don’t be alarmed as I “look” tired.  And I am tired.  If you want you can offer me a place to take a nap lol.  But I don’t think I will look rested for the next two months of this as it’s hard to sleep with hot flashes and bone pain so if it’s 3pm and you can’t reach me then you can probably expect that I am napping.  And it may not be planned.  lol.

On a sad note our beloved barn kitty, Cupcakes or “Cakes” as he was lovingly called got very ill and passed away this week.  It was so hard to see him sick and we tried everything we could to help him but it just didn’t work.  He had the prettiest blue eyes and was the last of our Siamese kitty line.  I will miss him but I know he is in a happier place.  I was a crying mess just like a kid losing a pet and even tear up now thinking about it.  Don’t worry though Garfield is still visiting our deck and is trying hard to take Cakes place by rolling on his back and looking all cute and cuddly.

But it just shows us again how life is short sometimes and we shouldn’t take it for granted as it can end quickly before we want it too.  I am not in control nor is any other person here on earth.  So I try hard to tell myself not to worry about the future because I am not in control of it.  God has my plan and it will happen whether I want to follow it or not.  Whether I like it or not.  But that’s why he brought me a couple of really good counselors to help me get through all this.  🙂

Have a great day and I will let you know what the numbers are on thursday sometime this next week.  Sometimes I get behind a bit.  Can’t imagine why.

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