Week 9 of 16

Even after 9 weeks of chemo I am still learning about it!

With no hairs in your nose, due to chemo, there is nothing to filter out dirt and allergens and help to get rid of mucus either. So I am very stuffy as well as have more bloody noses and other sinus issues.  Sadly if I don’t take a claritin every single day my head feels like it will explode.

I also learned that I don’t have to take steroids, the main reason to use them each week is for allergic reactions to the chemo and to help battle the nausea.  The nausea has not been to bad so I am going to ask them if I can avoid the steroids and hopefully I won’t have the food cravings and bloating from it.  It has been helpful to speak to other women going through this as I thought this was not an option but they tell me different.

I’ve also asked to have iv fluids each week now after treatment as it really helps with the exhaustion.  So hopefully they will agree with that.

I am worried how the AC treatments will go during August and September as they are  more dose dense and could have more severe side effects.  I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about this but it is hard when I see many others doing treatments who look so unhealthy and you can tell they do not feel well during their treatments.

My doterra team and I have been discussing products to help with all of this and someone asked how many products do you use in any one given day.  I have found that even without the whole cancer issue I use anywhere from 16-25 products or oils each and every day.  I still think this is why I have had such good success with it all.  I feel so  bad for those women who are told by their dr not to take any vitamins or minerals or even omega 3 while they are going through their regiment for cancer.  These women feel so sick and feel just awful for the most part.  I don’t understand why the drs are not all on the same page with this.  My dr says as long as she has a list of what I am using she has had no problem with me taking supplements and using oils.  She only had issue with the Alpha CRS because it does have ingredients that can increase blood flow and I was getting a lot more leg and joint pain and nerve issues when I took it.  Otherwise all the rest have been good.  But then there are other doctors who say “absolutely NOT” for any type of supplement, even vitamin D3.  I just don’t understand it, there are many studies that point to the opposite of this theory.  Yet many women will ONLY do what their dr tells them to do.  For me, I cannot offer that type of blind faith in a dr.  Not when I’ve done my own research on this.  It is MY BODY not the drs.  One woman even said her dr said NO tea and I feel bad for her because without my essiac tea my hot flashes would be out of control and I’d be miserable.

So far with the iv fluids my Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday until treatment on Thursdays are going pretty well.  So I’ll take it!  I am able to see clients on Tuesdays & Wednesdays so far and it is working well.  I hope to continue it until the end of September.  I will be giving the 25% discount on the reflexology and reiki until end of August so I am hoping everyone will take advantage of this while I need to limit my hours.

Kids seem to be handling things well, Adam still has his share of meltdowns and I think it’s because he is unsure of what is all going on and it’s tough for him to understand it.  Stability is best for him but there are just times when things change quickly and there is no time to prepare for them.  So it’s one day at a time.

Here I am in my astronaut outfit again.  lol.  But so far I have not lost any hair.  I am happy.

Have a great day and count your blessings, be grateful for at least one thing today.  I am grateful I can walk wherever I need to go right now. Thank you Lord!


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