What a week!!

Ok so had my 2nd AC Treatment on Aug 30th.  Was not expecting what I got!  Came home Thursday after a rough 2 days of emotions -just feeling down and sad.  Went to bed at 10 pm and didn’t wake up til the next day (friday) at noon!  And still felt tired.  Thank heavens Tim was here to make me some meals as I didn’t even feel like cooking or even making a sandwich!  Ugh!  I got up for a couple of hours, ate and then went back to bed.  Slept for another 6 hours and then up for an hour and back to bed again for the night.  From Thurs. night til Monday morning I think I was awake maybe 8 hours!  I had no energy at all.  It was hard to even breathe and and eat.  I’ve had a lot of mashed potatoes lol as my stomach is not happy at all with the chemo drugs this time.  Even with all the meds they gave me I was still pretty nauseous.

Fun fact it can take up to 7 days after your treatment to wipe out most or all of your white blood cell count.  Leaving you with no immunity what so ever.  So please if you are sick stay away from anyone who is going through chemo.  If one runs a fever of over 100 then it may require a trip to the ER as an infection could run rampant.  I had a fever Saturday of 99.1 but it went down by morning and I took some onguard soft gels just in case I was exposed to anything.  They help to kill off bacteria and viruses.

I finally replenished my coffee this morning so here is a happy pic – and yes I STILL HAVE HAIR – I just put it up in a pony tail cause it was all over the place this morning.   But I have COFFEE!!!

Anyway I feel a bit more normal today and could even drive to the store for my coffee.  I am hoping that the next treatment will be the same or better as I will be leaving for Utah the Tuesday after!  My fellow drivers will need me to drive and be awake for the trip so think positive thoughts.

I have 2 more treatments to go.  Then they tell me I will see the surgeon and must wait til at least 4 weeks for all of my numbers to recover so no surgery until at least November.  Then I may need radiation afterward.  Had no idea this would be like a year long venture when I signed up.

Here I am looking like a dork again lol

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

2 more pics like this.  They say hair starts to really shed after the 2 weeks mark with AC chemo.  Well today is day 18 and so far just a few strands have made the leap.  So I am praying the shed will not happen.  I don’t think I would look to attractive being bald or with peach fuzz.  At least I don’t have to deal with coloring my hair for the last 4 months lol.

BTW this chair I am in?  It has vibrators and a heater in it!  Real nice when your head is down to 35 degrees.  And it reclines so you can be somewhat comfy.  I have to be my own entertainment tho as no music or tv.  Hard to put ear plugs in and the liquid benedryl makes me sleep for most of the time there.  So my husband and SIL have a chat while they are there for me.  It’s nice cause when I wake up I am never alone and they ask me if I need a warm blanket or a drink.  I’m just not much company – although they probably like the quiet.  lol.

The fair went well and I met some new people and met up with some old friends.  Sadly I met 4 people who had or have had cancer too.  Sigh.  But I had some great visits with many people and I love that part of having a fair booth.  Which reminds me I need to check emails and do my reply’s.

I hope to get a message out next week.  Sometimes the good days get away on me too.  More fluids tomorrow and Thursday too.  Hopefully it will help me keep my immunity strong too.

Talk soon.



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