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Hello everyone! I will be entering the doTERRA Slim & Sassy competition to be eligible for great prizes and while I am doing this for the first 12 weeks of the year I thought it would be fun to do a challenge between some local people as well. There will be a fee to join but 100% of it will be paid out to the top 3 Biggest Percentage “Losers” – being a Loser never felt so good did it?

You can also join the doTERRA challenge too at no cost if you have a wholesale account with us.
What are your thoughts?

You feel lucky? Or are you determined that luck has nothing to do with feeling better?

If you’d like a little extra incentive to change your habits and get rid of some extra lbs and inches you don’t need then this 6 week challenge can be for you!

Cost to join the 6 week challenge (42 full days) will be $25.00
When I do an on-line payment there will be an added small fee.
All entry fees will be pooled together.
Weekly weigh ins and a before and after measurement will be taken. As well as a 3 week mark measurement.

The top 3 percentage of weight losers will split the entry fees collected. lbs lost divided by Beginning weight = % lost
If I begin at 200 lbs and end at 192 = 4.0%
If I begin at 210 lbs and end at 202 = 3.8%
Same loss of -8 lbs for each but percent is higher for one. Got it?

First Place: Cash Prize of 50% of entry fees
Second Place: Cash Prize of 30% of entry fees
Third Place: Cash Prize of 20% of entry fees
Special Prize for individual who lost the MOST inches.

Example: If we have a total of 15 participants we begin with a pool of $375
First place prize would be 187.50
2nd place prize would be 112,.50
3rd place prize would be 75.00
Special Prize for individual who lost the MOST inches.

Make Sense?
I will keep track of weights and measurements.

HOWEVER, you must come into my office for the 1st and last weight and the 1st and last measurement. This is the only way you will qualify to win any prize money.

I will keep track of your weekly weigh ins and week 2 thru 5 can be done by weighing yourself at home, take a picture of the weight and Private messaging the picture. Same with your measurements at week 3 – just message me each measurement.

My goal is to have weekly LIVE posts on this page on Monday Evenings at 7 p.m. to go over some basic weight management information to help you be successful in your 6 week journey. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live post too! I will also do a weekly update of who is “in the lead”!

If you want to be part of this fun challenge please comment below. If you know of anyone else in the area that would like some extra incentive please share this page with them and ask if they would like to participate.

Again, to be eligible to win prizes you MUST weigh in the first and Final time & take measurements (Jan. 8th & Feb. 19th) in person at my office at 217 W. Cedar St. Hortonville and you must pay the non-refundable $25 fee before the challenge begins. You may pay ahead on-line (extra processing fee of $2.03 applies) or you can pay fee at the first weigh in at my office.

I am planning on beginning Monday, January 8th and ending with a final weigh in on Monday, February 19th.
With a “LIVE” post on this page for updates, questions & education each Monday evening at 7 p.m.


*NO you do NOT have to use any special or specific products or plans to be part of the challenge but if you would like to I can suggest some things for you. I will suggest some during the LIVE facebook feeds but they are optional and just for your information. There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL Plan. Do what feels right and works for you. I DO NOT advise any plans I feel are unsafe or that I believe set you up to fail. That being said any NO FAT or NO CARB or Keto diet I will not support as I don’t believe they are healthy for anyone and I will share why during this challenge.

I am excited to help you and to get started helping each other to succeed.

Register on or BEFORE Friday, January 5th, 2018!

Who’s With Me??

Register HERE and pay the non-refundable Entry FEE of $25.00 (plus added processing fee of $2.62)
Or you may also Register privately with me and pay in cash on or before Friday, January 5th – please call to schedule a time – 920.841.0304

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