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Essential Oil Workshops & Classes

“Gift of The Earth”
Have you been wanting to learn more about the medicinal benefits of using all natural essential oils?
Just not sure what to use or how to use them?
These Classes  AND Product Training’s can help the beginner learn as well as allow the expert to share how they use the oils.

Classes & Workshops are Open to the Public.

Upcoming Workshops & Classes


Please RSVP to 920-841-0304 for any of the upcoming classes or go to the link attached to the class. 

All Classes & Workshops are FREE unless otherwise specified. 

Saturday, December 12th @ 7:00 am thru Wednesday, December 23rd  5:00 pm CST, 12 Days of Christmas Deals on FACEBOOK, Anywhere: Daily giveaways, prizes, gifts, bogos and MORE!  Check out the daily DEAL posted each morning.  
Wednesday, December 23rd @ 5:00 pm CST, Live @ Five on FACEBOOK, Anywhere: Essential Oil Tips for the week!
Wednesday, December 30th @ 5:00 pm CST, Live @ Five on FACEBOOK, Anywhere: Essential Oil Tips for the week!
Tuesday, January 12th @ 10:00 pm CST, Oshkosh Sr. Center, Oshkosh or via Zoom: Top Three Oils for Winter
Call to reserve your seat(s):  920-232-5300
Tuesday, February 9th @ 10:00 pm CST, Oshkosh Sr. Center, Oshkosh or via Zoom: Essential Oils-Make & Take Perfume  
Call to reserve your seat(s):  920-232-5300
All Classes & Workshops are FREE unless otherwise specified and can be open or closed to the public.  The above classes are OPEN to the public. 

When you join my team of wellness customers you will not only have free individualized training on how to save money while getting the most benefits from your membership, You will also get free classes that you can attend to learn more.

Please contact us for additional classes or if you would like to schedule a class in your area.  Please no more than 10 to a class.

Your Time is Limited.  Learn how to make a wellness plan with quick and easy steps! 

Introduction to Essential Oils

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Find Classes and Workshops listed above to learn more about Essential Oils.


Did you know…

when you host your own class you will receive a FREE Gift!!
It’s convenient and I will do all the teaching for you.
Contact me to schedule your class and get one of these for FREE:

Why The Brand I Use?

Although Essential Oils are not regulated, the brand I use acts as if they are and each liter of oil is put through seven different tests for potency, purity & consistency.  As well as  sent to 3 separate independent test facilities to insure quality and purity.  Tested at distillation, before packaging and after packaging to insure quality.  No other essential oil company can boast such fundamentals. #pursuewhatspure


To create a Wholesale Account and receive a discount of 25 – 55% off retail prices  please go to the “Contact Me” tab of this website or text or call me at 920-841-0304 and I will help you get the discount.

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